Free Catalogue

  1. Catalogues are given out for FREE at the LV Boutiques. My store will also give out the supplemental price list too, if customers ask for it.
  2. Yeah...I always get my catalogues for free and I don't even have a "regular" SA. All you have to do is ASK.
  3. We already know about that, who said we have to pay for it?
  4. Really?

    I was at the 5th Ave. store and the Saks store earlier this month. I asked in both places, both SAs told me I could only get it through 866-Vuitton.

    Sucks for me! :crybaby::crybaby:
  5. I also didn't get a free Catalogue in the Champs Elysées stores, the SA said it was 10€ and she could give me the Internet adress to look anyway
  6. This is good to know, maybe it differs from place to place?
  7. can u ask for one without a purchase?
  8. YES, absolutely!
  9. umm okay?

    the only reason why you'd have to pay (if you're in the US) is if you do it by the 866 number... the book itself is free, you're just paying for shipping.
  10. That's right. And it's a "hefty" catalogue, so postage won't be cheap.
  11. i got one by mail from LV london.. very cool
  12. eh $10. not like i ever have to order one since i always get one from my SA's anyway...
  13. what do you ask for? the latest collection catalogue?
  14. it's called Le Catalogue. this year it has a blue cover.
  15. i got my new blue cover catalogue today, the SA was nice and gave one to me. i would not want to pay for it considering how much money i have spent on my LVs. this edition is much thicker than the previous years.