'Free' Breast Implant Website Condemned As Degrading

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    The controversial website lets women earn credits towards surgery by chatting to men online.

    Plastic surgeons have denounced a website offering 'free' breast implants saying it puts women's health at risk.

    The website lets women earn money for their operations by posting photos of themselves and chatting to male 'benefactors' online.
    The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said the website was "degrading" and warned that the process was an entirely inappropriate way of obtaining what should be a life-changing procedure.
    The site, which is based in America, invites women who want to have, but cannot afford, cosmetic surgery to set up a personal profile and, using pictures of themselves, entice men to donate money to pay for their breast augmentation surgery.

    They are encouraged to use "online interactive activity", such as "sending personal messages", "chatting one-on-one", "sending custom photos" and "selling personal items or gifts", to raise the necessary funds.
    Men who sign up to the site are then allowed unrestricted access to all profiles and products offered by the women.

    The website, which was dreamed up during a stag party in Las Vegas, says there is no pressure for women to pose naked. The only restriction it places on women is that they must be 18-years-old or over.
    While the website, myfreeimplants.com says it uses certified doctors in the US to carry out the procedures, women are also allowed to use a doctor of their choice in the country where they live.
    BAAPS President Douglas McGeorge said: "This is a wholly inappropriate way to proceed with what should be a serious decision made by a fully informed patient.
    "The site's promise that there are no right or wrong cases is frightening, clearly there is no proper medical assessment of candidates, which at best could lead to disappointment, at worst, to someones health being endangered."

    Adam Searle, consultant plastic surgeon and former President of the BAAPS, said: "I thought I could no longer be appalled by the circus-like atmosphere surrounding plastic surgery, but this is really quite shocking.
    "The invitation for women to post suggestive photos, sell personal items and chat with strangers over the Internet in exchange for a breast augmentation is just plain degrading." Currently an average of one breast implant a month is paid for via the site, but the online service says in future it hopes to be facilitating one procedure a week.

    Health & Family via The Daily mail
  2. That's like in others terms....prostitution.
    And what about the not-so-good-looking women? can they just stay poor and ugly then ? disgusting....glad they acted on it
  3. That's funny! You could look at it as being a barter system. Trade you pics for tits.
    I think if they are ugly and poor, implants are not going to help them. That's a big mistake women make when getting implants. hey think they will change their lives. Unless of course, the person is in adult entertainment of course.

    I am against implants for many reasons. I don't care how you go about getting them. They NEVER look good or natural, which to me defeats the purpose of getting them. It's a shame people can't be happy with what they have instead of trying to catch a man or barter for breasts like this site suggests. What's next? Bowling for Buttocks?
  4. I just had a look at this website, men can request and pay for 'custom photos' of their 'favourite women' in special outfits. So, is is basically sexless (unless you count masturbation) online prostitution.

    Only in America.....
  5. You'd be surprised at how many of these sites exist. A friend of mine's girlfriend lives in Romania and actually runs one of these types of sites. There is little work in those under-developed countries, that many women resort to doing online webcam/chat things just to raise a few extra bucks for their families.

    Granted, I don't agree that they're doing this for breast implants - but it's not just in America where you see these things..
  6. better over the net then on the streets right? i dont agree with either way but it shows peoples desperation. different strokes for different folks?

  7. There are many people with implants that look natural. Not everyone that gets them wants to look like pamela anderson.
  8. This is nothing new really. On another forum where I was a member, we had a pre-op transexual who funded his surgery by doing this type of activity (chatting with men, selling pics and videos of himself working out in a bikini, etc).
  9. I see a difference here though. I mean - a transexual having this done is important and there is a lot more involved - if you come to desperate terms to make money for a sex change then it's sad but understandable.

    But this is for women who already have boobs - they just want bigger ones.

    Not that I think there is anything wrong with wanting to change your appearance by plasic surgery but this sounds pathetic - for both the men and women. But... any woman willing to do this is already messed up in the head - ewwwww
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Do you think some guy will pay for me to have laser hair removal on my legs? Or perhaps some guy with a foot fetish - I could send him pics of my feet and he could pay for pedicures - to make my feet HOTTER.
  11. Does anybody else find this a little weird or even creepy?
  12. I heard about this on my local morning radio show. I wouldn't compare it to prostitution though, they don't have to show pictures of their breasts or anything. I agree with naughtymanolo, different strokes.
  13. I agree that Gender Reassignment Surgery for a transsexual is more of a necessary surgery than a boob job, but either way, the people are still sort of whoring themselves out for money.
  14. Post pics or links of natural looking implants for me please. It has nothing to do with size of them. I personally have never seen a good pair or ones that don't look fake. It has become such the norm to have implants now, that people think the "implant" look IS natural. :sad:
  15. There are a LOT of breasts that look like natural, God-given breasts. I've seen tons. I'm not going to take the time to post pics though.