Free Ashtray

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  1. Sorry didn't work! BTW...called about the Hershey pans today and was told that there had only been two available to start with. Assuming you ordered the two, everyone else's order should have been cancelled. Now ....that's assuming she knew what she was talking about or was telling the truth!
  2. What do you mean it didn't work?:confused1: I just ordered one!

    I only ordered one Hershey pan. It was a little strange on that site for a while though, so maybe she wasn't lying. You can have thighs won't mind:angel:
  3. Worked for me, thank you for the link. :tup: I quit smoking about 7 years ago, but my husband still does it.
  4. Thanks! It worked for me.
  5. #6 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    This is weird! What is up with my computer??Britt...I did a copy/paste and the 2nd time just typed it in. This is not my week for ordering. Thanks for the offer of the pan, but you can keep it!! LOL! Trust thighs don't need it either and I have tons of baking pans already! I opened my mystery boxes from Delight tonight and haven't stopped laughing!!


    TeeHee....I just logged onto my laptop and it worked, but I don't know anything about cigarettes, so I didn't bother with it. LOL! Thanks again I said before, you find some clever things to post.
  6. Oooh..what did you get!!! I had bad luck with 'mystery boxes' in the past:shame:
  7. A bunch of crap....less than one would have gotten at the $$1 store for $10...that's for sure. I had to sneak to open them while my DH was changing into his robe because he always makes fun of me for ordering stuff like this!! He's tired and going to bed early, so I'll try to take a few pics. There was stuff like a measuring take, Jimmy Hendrix cds, plastic bag, and lollipops! Be glad you didn't buy any..I learned a lesson.