Free Apple iPhone/iPod USB Charger Dock Cable

  1. This is kind of random, but I bought a new iPod and for some reason they sent me extra USB charger cables. These cables work for the standar iPod or iPhone, but not the Shuffles. If there's any confusion, check the Apple site.

    If anyone needs one, let me know and I'll be happy to send one to you for free.
  2. awwww good deal!!! can I have it??? my hubby lost his when he was on deployment.. someone probably stole it from his bunk bed... grrr!!! Is it still up for grabs? let me know.. Thank you!!! :smile:
  3. Do you happen to have another one? I'd love to have one for my SO. Thx
  4. twochubbycheeks, PM me your address so i can mail you the USB cord.

    pwecious, i'm sorry, but another user PMed about ten minutes after twochubbycheeks' post so she snagged the second one! sorry!