Free Antivirus/Spyware Software??

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a good free program.....or recomend a good program (at a decent price):sad: me comp is being taken over....
  2. AVG has been sketchy at best, from the number of virus calls I get at work from people that have it and still get viruses.

    Spybot and Adaware are really great, they're for spyware and ad-ware and that can cause even bigger problems than viruses !

    Personally, I would invest in something like Trend Micro PC-Cilliin. You can pick it up for around 30$, less if you get it from a university (student licenses) and it does a really good job without being overly resource draining like certain other antivirus programs.
  3. has some good ones! = )
  5. I use grisoft and haven't had any problems with it. You also need spywareblaster. I'm a global moderator at It has some great advice on how to keep your computer clean.
  6. i husband is a systems engineer, and he puts spybot search & destroy on every computer...on my personal laptop i have spybot s&d and Ad-A-Ware, and I have little to no issues with spyware.
  7. Those are great removal tools and I use adaware religiously. You have to install Spyware Blaster. It is also free....and it blocks you from downloading those awful Active X's.

    Go to Spywareblaster <= SpywareBlaster will prevent spyware from being installed.
  8. I use both Spybot and AdAware, which reminds me I need to run both again this week. I broke down and paid for McAfee Norton anti-virus. My BIL said it was the best one.
  9. Good to know! It's good to hear from someone that has a lot of knowledge about these things!
  10. I have to agree, adware is a great program. Another program I can't live without is spysweeper by Webroot.

    It's not free but it cleaned the spysheriff trojan that hijacked my pc and made my life a nighmare for over a week. It was worth the $49 to save my sanity (and my laptop!)
  11. adaware is good ...
    spybot is good ..
    norton and mcafee are both good and the same actually ..
    windows defender is good ..

    What do you guys think of (Innovative Solutions)? the (Advanced) family? Advanced spyware remover .. advanced uninstaller pro? advanced disk cleaner? advanced disk optimizer? are they any good?

    and what about (window washer)?