Free amc movie ticket when you try on ae jeans!


Oct 18, 2007
Simple, try on a pair of jeans at any AE store and score a voucher for a free AMC/Loews movie. Expiration date is 9/21 (my voucher says the promotion period is from 8/20 to 9/21 even though the AE website says that the promo started 9/5?).

They usually give it to you right after ur done with the fitting room OR they will tell you a code # to tell at the register and the cashier will hand it to you. Will run until supplies last.

FYI: You get 2 vouchers when u buy the jeans. ENJOY!

They did this deal last summer too and i LOVED IT! I must've collected 4 tickets that summer.
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Jan 31, 2008
Darn. My sister works at an AMC right next to the mall... Now I might not be able to get in free cause more shows will probably sell out! Waaah LOL :lol:
I suggest Tropic Thunder if it's still in a theatre near you ;)
Movie tickets are so overpriced right now, so everyone should pounce on this deal!