FREE 3 Pairs of CHICO Women's pants + Jewelry Item - Free Shipping

  1. Use coupon code 6070 which takes off $60 when you order at least 3 pairs and your order total is $60 or more

    Add 3 pairs of pants :

    Add Jewelry or any item to make your total over $60. You only pay the cost of the additional item you added.

    Free Shipping!!

    Please note, their sizes are not the same as standard pant sizes, check the sizing chart for your actual size.

    I am not familiar with this brand but I'm pretty sure some of you ladies do.

    Enjoy and Happy Shopping! :tup:
  2. so how much is total?
  3. you're only paying for anything over $60
  4. each pair of pants are close to $50... so if you get three it would be around 150 or more... minus the 60
  5. i don't get it!?! explainnnn please!?
  6. The coupon only works for regular priced pants so they definitely wont be free as most of the pants are $60 and over.

  7. When I looked earlier and tested the coupon they had $19.99 dress pants... and there were 3 pages of them, the only thing at that time was that your order have to be over $60.00. The coupon still works, just that you're not getting them FREE anymore...SORRY