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Free 2008 agenda refill plus address book!


Feb 1, 2007
I just bought an agenda that came with these. I don't need them and thought that one of our wonderful Hermes tPFers could use these. I know 2008 is almost over but worth a shot!

It's the grand modele size (5" x 3.25"), daily version (the fourth book Oct-Dec), and the address book is the same size. Also comes with the year at a glance and world map pages.

If you are interested, just add your name here and I will have Garen pick a number on Thursday and mail it out Friday.


Oh, and mods, if this is innappropriate and needs to be deleted, please accept my apologies in advance.


Jun 12, 2008
Thank you AuthenticLux! I like to put my name into the draw, so to speak. I could use an address refill, and it would be lovely to redo the last months of the year, tidy them up so to speak! Actually, redoingthe address portion has been on my "new year's resolution" - cough cough. I'll just pretend I meant for 2009!

I appreciate your offer, and cheers to Garen for picking a number!


Team Orange
Feb 6, 2008
If you ship internationally I would be interested in the 2008 agenda refill (I just bought the refill for 2009 but I don't have one for 2008 since I have been using another agenda this year).

On the other hand I have two address books for the GM agenda and I would happily send one of them to someone else.