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  1. has a glitch in their website. They have an offer for 15 dollars off any purchase of $125 or more, but it just happens to work for any amount. use this link: then buy something for less than 15 bucks, and all you'll get charged is shipping, which is only around $1 or so!

    Not sure how long it will be before overstock fixes their mistake, but use it while you can. I bought 4 books for a total of $8! Yay.
  2. Thanks! That's a great coupon!!!
  3. Cool! Thanks.
  4. Thanks!! I got a DVD and pens for $1.01!
  5. Thanks I got a subscription to a magazine for under $2.00!
  6. it didn't work for me :sad: thanks for the heads up though!
  7. Maybe they fixed it?
  8. have they fixed it yet? omg!
  9. i think they have fixed it.. i tried it.. and.. *nothin*
  10. Did anyone get a confirmation e-mail for their purchase yet?
  11. I got conf. e-mail almost right away. I got a pretty vase for my new house for $7.99. Good deal.
  12. I placed 7 separate orders & I received confirmations on them all right away.

    Apparently they caught on around 6:30pm tonight. Sorry if you missed out!
  13. :sad: man!!!
  14. ahhhh... i wish i'd seen this earlier! would've bought several dvd sets!
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