Free 1 year subscription to Vibe,Radar,Spin,Interview

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  1. WOW thanks! Hope it works!
  2. Thanks so much MIB!!!
  3. thanks so much got my fingers crossed!
  4. Thanks!
  5. Thank you!
  6. thanks! no credit card info required everyone :smile:
  7. Thanks! I just ordered Vibe!!!
  8. yay thanks! i have so many magazines already coming in the mail, haha.
  9. will we get a bill?
    im getting so many free magazines seems too good to be true
  10. dangit, the only one I wanted was Interview and it's saying it's $2. Not that I'm cheap, I just don't want to give out my cc info to a company I don't know. So I ordered it anyway, didn't pay through paypal and send them an email. Will post what they say about it.
  11. It won't work for me, I keep getting an error
  12. yay, i just ordered radar. never heard of it, but the description sounds interesting! thanks!
  13. Yay Thanks MIB! I love free magazines!
  14. Thank you so much!!! ^^