Free 1 Year Subscription to ELLE Decor!!!!

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  1. woohoo another free mag
  2. Thanks! I just did this one and one for newsweek!
  3. thanks! that was easy
  4. Thanks. I did this one too. Does anyone know if we will get loads of junk mail and emails? I love decorating magazines.
  5. In for a free subscription. Thanks.
  6. yea! I did it too....thanks!
  7. Thank you!! I signed up for it!
  8. thanks
  9. Thank you for sharing the info.
  10. Thanks! Signed up for this one and the newsweek one..

    btw, Earthlink has "anonymous" emails you can use for this sort of stuff - it's great, once too much junk mail comes you just delete them and program in more new ones! I don't know if the other email providers do that, but it's worth checking out if you like to avoid the spam that comes with some of these survey offers!
  11. awesome! thanks!
  12. Yay! I signed up! Thanks!!!
  13. Yeah! Thanks for sharing!!!
  14. Thanks!!!