Frederic Fekkai with Shea Butter good for my fried hair?

  1. I've been dying my hair red (natural blonde) for almost 10 years now. Recently I had my fiance hack a good chunk off because my hair is just fried and the split ends are out of control. Well it helped but still it's kinda icky. I'm getting married in about 4 months and I want to fix my hair up as much as I can. So at Sephora I just ordered: Frederic Fekkai Hair Mask with Shea Butter, also I got the same Shampoo and Conditioner. I've never purchased high end shampoo or anything so this is new to me. It was kinda pricy and that made me cringe but if it can save my hair it'll be worth it. Have any of you girls used these three products after frying your hair? Will it help? Thanks!
  2. i've never used those specific products, but all of the frederic fekkai products i've used have been wonderful.

    my hair is kinda fried since i've been dying it for several years and have straightened it from it's natural curly state a lot recently. my hair person recommended a l'oreal professional hair mask that i use as conditioner, and it has worked well so far. the l'oreal pro line has to be bought from salons, i think.
  3. I highly recommend the FF with olive oil. I forget the actual name. I think it is called Glossing?

    I used to get my hair done at FF in NYC until I moved. After a year, I went back when I visited. I hadn't been using their products anymore. I started using a brand called AETO. You can find their products here:

    The hairdresser I had at FF told me my hair was so much more healthy than when I had been there the previous year. I told him what I was using and he said it was better than the FF stuff.
  4. The shea butter products were recommended to me last spring by one of their stylists in NYC. My hair is color treated and at the time I was still growing out a thermal reconditioning ( AKA Japanese straightening) process. Needless to say, my hair had been really stressed. I've been very happy with the products and since then have ordered more from Saks. ( no one sell FF nearby.) Hope this helps. Good luck!
  5. yep its the Glossing line. Ive only use the creme, not the shampoo / conditioner and i like it a lot. I'd like to use the rest of the line but I'm kind of on prouct over load at the moment :shame:
  6. I've never tried it but I have heard good things about the Shea Butter:yes:
  7. His products are outstanding!
  8. Thanks guys. I'm so worried. My haircut is terrible and thanks to various hair mishaps my hair is like a trillion different lengths and it just looks TERRIBLE right now. I want it to grow out fast and just be fixed! >_<
  9. I've never used the mask, but I do have the Protein RX conditioner and it has done wonders to my hair!! I absolutely love it :smile: I don't use it everyday (only every other day or every 2 days) and it smells delicous!!
  10. I use the glossing shampoo and apple clarifying shampoo.. and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. For a deep conditioner I use Phytokarite.
  11. YES YES YES the Shea Butter line is great! I used it in rotation with other lines for a long time and i loved it. It makes your hair silky silky soft and smooth and it smells really nice too. P.S. I have very thick, curly, coarse hair which I have been flat ironing constantly for 6 years and my hair probably looked the healthiest while I was using this product, come to think of it. I better switch back!

    I also only used the shampoo and regular conditioner, it was more than enough for my thick curly hair. The mask might be too much. I say this because I used the Protein RX (also by Fekkai) mask and it was too much. I didn't think any product could be too heavy but that one definitely was. Good luck!
  12. Never heard of it.
    To be honest nothing will get your hair back to normal, other than cutting it all off or, growing it out.(obviously)
    You can definetly shape up the appearance of it though.
    I suggest:
    Alterna's caviar line.
    As a quick fix for your wedding if things don't seem to be getting better you can always get extensions.
    The glue in track kind that's not expensive, holds for about 3 weeks, and let's you reuse the hair whenever you want to put them back in is awesome.
    I do them on alot of brides to be as well as just clients who want fuller healtiher looking hair without having to cut off all their hair and then having to deal with short hair.