Frederic Fekkai products?

  1. I have been using Bumble and Bumble and Pureology shampoo and conditioner for the last few months, but I just tried a sample of Frederic Fekkai's shampoo for color-treated hair...and I loved it. It really gave my fine hair some volume! I need to order me some off of Sephora ASAP!

    Does anyone else use these products? If so, can you recommend any of the others from the line - styling products, hair spray, etc?

  2. I use his glossing shampoo and conditioner about once a week. It smells really good and makes my hair really shiny. However I have dry hair so it's not enough moisture to use everday. I also use the sheer hold hairspray. It works really well for holding power, but doesn't look hard and crunchy.
  3. :love: :love: :love: FF products!! Wouldn't be without his Sheer Hold Hairspray with avocado oil and his wonderful new " Glossing" Sheer Shine Mist. His stuff is the best. And my hair has been highlighted for years and isn't in the greatest shape. His products are sensational!!!
  4. I have the apple cider shampoo and rinse, their technician conditioner, and their Brown shampoo. I also have their straightening serum. They're nice - they smell great, but honestly? I see nothing phenomenal about them. :s
  5. fekkai is amazing! :love:
    the technician line works wonderfully on colour treated hair
    the new glossing sheer shine mist and the glossing cream is great...
    ooh and if u want volume, try the full volume mousse! its to die for!
    i can't get enough of that line! :heart:
  6. i have their straightening gel, which works great. i tried their shea butter conditioner but didn't like it very much.
  7. I use the FF shampoo and conditioner for fine hair and love it. also I use the shea butter body lotion which is excellent.
    I also use the glossing conditioner occassionally--it smells great and really works
  8. I haven't tried their shampoo(s) yet, but, I'm currently using their Protein Rx Reparative Spray and those things are amazing esp. for color-treated hair.
  9. I really like their sheer hold hair spray, but the rest of the line, IMHO, is not as good as Kerastase or even Bumble and Bumble.

    I have very fine hair as well and have had great luck with both of those:smile:
  10. i love FF curl cream - it stops frizz in my naturally-curly hair without making it 'crunchy.' i also really like the smoothing serum (i think that's what it's called) with olive oil in it, it really gets rid of static and fly-aways when i flat iron my hair. i've liked the volume shampoo and conditioner when i've tried it, but it's too hard to find the big bottles of it here (Athens is kind of out in the boondocks away from Atlanta) so i stick with pureology, which is easier to come by in the really big containers (plus i love it).
  11. I looooooove FF products! :biggrin: I use their Protein RX conditioner every day on my hair and I've noticed a pretty big difference :smile: My next purchase is either going to be the mask for color treated hair or the Protein RX mask.

    They all smell so gooooooooooooooood
  12. FF Glossing Cream is the best!
  13. I have thick, curly hair that is color treated. I use FF shampoo and conditioner with Shea Butter and love it!
  14. I've used his apple cider products quite a bit. It worked great initially, but then it dried the heck out of my hair. I think I would have gotten the same results with some other brands. I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you have dry hair of any kind. Their glossing cream didn't work too well for me, same for his shine serum. As sad as it sounds, the best bang for the buck shampoo and products I've gotten is pantene.
  15. The glossing creme is my favorite hair product in the world. I have super thick wavy hair that manages to have a greasy scalp but dry, dry hair. The glossing creme is the only one I found (and believe me I've tried them all)that gives me silky, bouncy hair that doesn't turn into a grease pit by lunch. Love, love, love.