Frederic Fekkai hair products???

  1. I'm thinking about trying Frederic Fekkai hair products. (Especially the curl cream, and the curl products because I have naturally curly hair.) What's your experience with them??? Do they work???? I'm also planning on buying their hairbrushes. How good are Frederic Fekkai hairbrushes, and are they different than normal cheaper hairbrushes???? Thanks. ;)
  2. I just got a tube of his Glossing Cream yesterday. I'll let you know how it works out!
  3. I really like the FF stuff. I get my hair done at their salon in NYC. Just remember, a little goes a long way.
  4. I've used the glossing shampoo and conditioner and loved it. I also used the straigtening creme, liked that too. I use the curl cream on my daughter but not sure about that. I'm not too good when it comes to curly hair.
  5. I love his stuff....a little does go a long way!!!!!!
  6. I use the curl cream and love it. The shampoo and conditioner are bit heavy. I use it about once or twice a week depending on how frizzy my hair is. I have alot of hair but it's thin. The curl cream is fantastic. I also use the summer care frizzy stuff (don't know the name if it) and it's fantastic.
  7. I have curly hair and I use glossing cream and it works great. I really like his products.
  8. I love his cider shampoo to get my hair clean without stripping!
  9. I tried it all and dont care for any of it. I have tried so many brands as I am a product junkie and to date the best is Bumble & Bumble but its expensive.
  10. I have really curly hair & just bought the glossing & curl creams this week & think they are pretty fantastic so far!
  11. Has anyone tried the volumizing products?
  12. Tinywaist, is the volumizing one the peach colored one? If so I think it works I'm not sure.... but the smell is a little weird.. The smell bothered me so much I stopped using it.

    As for the other products I love love love the glossing cream and shampoo/conditioner. The curl shampoo/conditioner actually works quite well.. it gave my curls a little more volume and shiny.
  13. I have a few of his products and love them. I also must say a little goes a long way. I have a bad habit of using too much. I would give it a try!
  14. I've been using his hairbrushes for about a year now and I absolutely love them. Well worth the money!
  15. the volumizing mousse works like wonder.. it gives me volume when a other brand failed