Fred Segal - Santa Monica, CA

  1. Fred Segal in Santa Monica is having a 50% off sale starting today (Friday, 9/28/07). I popped in on my lunch break and they have some great stuff. Check it out!
  2. OMG I wish is lived in the area.
  3. Did you buy anything? Was it a zoo?
  4. It wasn't as much of a zoo as I would have expected, however I'm expecting the weekend to be worse. They have set up tables and racks of clothing at 50% off so you have to dig. Lots of great jewelry, and some handbags on sale. I picked up a little turquoise bracelet for myself. The boutique that sells all the candles and soaps looked like fun, but I didn't stop in. I'd say it's worth a try!
  5. I was in earlier myself, and there was a whole section of Juicy Couture for half off. I saw lots of other nice brands but couldn't stay long because I had to get to work. The shoe area was a zoo!! Lots of nice jeans for sale as well. Ron Herman is having their half off sale too.
  6. it's down the street! i must go. anyone see trench coats on sale? i was just in nyc and found NOTHING.
  7. I always think of this a few days late... how long does it run?
  8. i found absolutely nothing. they did have quite a few Marc Jacobs bags from the Sweet Punk line on sale.

    And sale ends on October 14th.
  9. ^^ Did you see any other MJ collection bags on sale?
  10. Thanks for the date info. Bummer that you didn't find anything! I usually go just for the denim, and to the Melrose one--I don't know if their stock is that different.
  11. I find that the denim gets cleaned out the first day. There are lots of cute tops. I bought a really beautiful dress, but didn't see much else. I suppose if I had the patience to rifle through the shelves I would have found something. I wish it was more organized!
  12. The only other MJ bag I saw was a huge embossed black satchel. There were two chloes for sale as well, half off of $2800.
  13. I went this morning. It started getting crowded just after noon, but it wasn't too bad. Not a lot of purses, but there were a lot of Grysons and a few Mulberrys for 50% off. A lot of the shops were willing to give you 75% off everything ahead of the Monday markdown!