Fred Segal/Ron Herman Sale

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  1. Fred Segal’s Clearance Sale is on 10/1 -10/17. 50% to 2/3 off!
    Ron Herman has 50% off sale and discount gets deeper as the sale goes on.
  2. Has anyone been yet? Any reports back as to how it is? So excited!
  3. haven't gone in yet but i usually wait until the markdowns go lower....
  4. Sale is lousy. Not much on sale as compared to prior years. a few YSL, zanotti and choo shoes but no pradas. a lot of brands i haven't really heard of. I went today at noon to the one on Melrose. Restaurant was packed but no one was shpping in the store - evidence that the sale isn't so great.
  5. is this online too?
  6. i dropped in today at the Melrose location to see what's left. it's 2/3 off with the purchase of three items. i saw a bunch of leather motorcycle sword jackets(a la balenciaga) size S in Grey, Black, and Cobalt. Cobalt had some Ms left.

    As for shoes, I saw a bunch of past season spring/resort stuff left in CLs, YSL, Guiseppe Zanotti, some pradas... A lot of sizes left. All 2/3 off with three items purchased.

    Not as much selection as years past, mostly tank tops were left in clothing, but still some pants, jeans, and dresses.