Fred Diamond Watch

  1. [​IMG]

    I think this might be my Christmas present to myself! :love:
  2. :drool: That's a lot of sparkle!
  3. How much is this watch??
  4. 5.9 cm wide or so it says in the catalog.... (The picture is actual size!) I'm going to double check on this.... But, strangely, it's not as expensive as you'd think! :nuts:
  5. Wow, that's a pretty blinged out watch! I love it!
  6. This is going to sound really stupid but how do you put it on your wrist? Is there a watch strap you purchase? Is it a brooch?

    But it is beautiful and blinding:smile:
  7. ^ I think it's a bangle watch, isn't it, sonya?
  8. Heehee, I've been sent the catalogue from Christie's as well. Someone from a 'Royal House' is putting this on the market with a guided price of CHF 2000-3500 (CHF3500 = US$2300).

    Sonya may be in for a good deal here :smile: because something whose origin is unknown does not carry as much price potential as something that has famous origins (e.g. a set of Princess Margaret [British royal family] tea spoons went for £1,000!

    Actually whoever is putting this on must be seriously out of money because it's a huge lot and that person is selling her Harry Winston High Jewellery 'Gulf Pearl' Parure set. For those who is interested in who's selling, if you call up Harry Winston to ask for the original owner of this set, you will probably get the answer but I don't know.
  9. ^ I very much doubt that they'd tell you.

    What about client confidentiality?
  10. Well, if you are the owner of the set (and this may extend to prospective buyers as well because after all this set is now free for all), you have every right to know the origin.

    For example:
    I bought a Cartier ribbon brooch circa 1910 from an auction in June and the details on it from the catalogue was so vague so I called Cartier to see what they can tell me. After paying the administrative fees (a lot, so this is no joke!), I got to know the whole history of it!

    EDIT: Confidentiality agreement exists only if you are the owner. If you sell it then it may even be in the interest of the jeweller to track the history to keep in their archives. So working backwards, you have the right to know as well!