Freaking out

  1. I'm at work, and I'm shakey from coffee, and I can't seem to calm down. As some of you may remember, I am living with reaaaalllly crappy roomates. They are the ones who don't clean, don't buy things when its their turn and do not do anything until I write them a note.

    I have been taking out our garbage since they moved in 8 months ago. Finally I began writing them notes to help with it, I even put up a schedule on our fridge so we would know who's turn it is. That was never used because I _always_ did it. They think it's a good idea to throw loose trash in one of the bins outside, let it fill up and sit in the sun for weeks. The last time it was 7 weeks, until I'd had enough and told them to get rid of it! This time its been two weeks.

    Dh took the regular bin to the curb last night, but left their nasty smelly bin of Mc Donalds garbage and such for them to take. It was still there this morning.

    I wrote a note last night...and added this morning "I know its hard to be considerate, this will only be your 5th time taking out the trash in 8 months (no exaggeration) GIVE ME A BREAK"!!!!! and taped it to the door. I had to leave the house early because I was raging. We are moving on the 30th because of them. They owe DH's dad (whose house we are living in) $1500, the husband has not had a full time job the entire time he's lived with us. So his dad wants to sell the house. They were being kicked out.

    So were they banking on me taking it out for them, or leaving it for his dad to clean up after they are gone?!

    Sorry this is so long, I just cannot concentrate or work today because I am fuming! I know garbage may seem trivial...but its just one thing after another, and I can't stand them. I keep staring off into space today thinking about all the things I want to say to them, and screaming at them, which is pretty bad since I hate confrontation.

    Anyhoo DH found my note ripped up into a bunch of tiny pieces this morning!! LOL The sh*t may go down tonight if they give me ANY attitude, because they have NO right to be mad at me.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. oh my god, where did u find these people from?!?!?

    thats sooooo unconsiderate!! of all the friends taht i know that has roomatems, they all end up as enenmies....

    erh.....good luck :/
  3. *UGH! Thanks Ticklemethu!!

    DH was friends with the guy in high school, but hadn't been around him until now. I could tell what he was like from the moment I met him, but we needed roomates...mistake!!
  4. I hope they pay the living expenses owed. I have a feeling they might not be able to cough it up. Ugh. Good luck!
  5. Stuff like this is exactly why I've never had a roommate. Many act the way these people do and just make you crazy(I'm sorry, but I'd kill someone who ate my food, since I'm so picky about it). I'm glad you're moving soon, good luck, it's almost the end of the month. I hope your next place is a better experience for you!
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm moving from a house to an apartment, so there will be alot less room, however it will just be us, and the apartment is really nice. I'm excited! Just 5 more days of this!!!!!!!

    Kathyrose, I'm sure they were going to try and leave without paying the money owed plus their half of the utilities..but Dh's dad made them sign an agreement saying that they would. He threatened them because they bounced an $800 cheque, which apparently is a felony.
  7. That's terrible to be in a situation like that with a bunch of lazy and inconsiderate people. I, too, don't think they are going to be able to cough up the cash. Just remember, you are out of there and away from those people in just five days. Before I would move, I would really give them a good piece of my mind. Good luck!
  8. ^ Yes, I think i may tell them how I feel about them tonight. I don't think I can let it go this time, even though it's all pointless since we only have a few days left with them. Dh'd mom is going on a cruise this saturday, we've considered moving into her place while she's gone, but that means leaving our stuff behind, and I don't trust them.

    I now have a headache..still stressed out. Bleh!
  9. I don't think you should confront them till the day you are moving and your stuff is out of there. Who know what they are capable of doing. They can rob your stuff, mess up or just destroy things. They sound like creeps so to me they are capable of doing worse.
  10. roommates are the absolute worst.

    I refuse to live with anyone now because I can't stand the messes, the dirty dishes, them using myt hings, them not contributing...

    Now it's all on me and i'm fine with taht!
  11. OMG that is really inconsiderate of them.... and they tore up the note!!! ugh... I hope all goes well tonight. Keep us updated!
  12. Gilliana you may have a point. I'm such a wuss when it comes to telling people how inconsiderate they are to begin with. This will be a big deal for me to say something if I go through with it.

    I could see them doing something awful. I've never trusted them with my dog alone in the house. I know its irrational, DH always rolls his eyes at me when I mention it...but I can't help it.
  13. oh I hope everything goes well for you tonight! you're almost out of there!
  14. I would move your valuables to you Dh's mom's house - seriously. Sorry that you have to deal with these people.
  15. Thanks so much you guys! In about 1 1/2 hours I'll be home, he hides out in his room (not working!!) and she doesn't get home until about 2 hours after I do. So I have a feeling the confrontation will be with her. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Winternight, maybe its a good idea to bring the important stuff over to DH's mom's. Thanks.