Freaking out possible level 3 sex offender spotted in my neighborhood

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  1. So about 2 months ago or so maybe not that long ago I got an email from a friend who lives in the next town over, a town where my house borders. She forwarded an email from her son's school that stated to be on the lookout for this man who was a level 3 sex offender and his offenses were against young children. He had been spotted lurking around a neigboring town's school and also was using a bike trail that is near a very popular park in that part of town, pretty far fron where where I live but the same town in a park where a lot of children play. He was described as riding a bike with shopping bags attached to it and they sent a picture and everything. Well, friday night, I was at this place called the local liquor store (in that town) and I was talking to the clerk about "oh how are your kids doing bla bla" well, when I got out side, I noticed this guy putting a 12 pack or a bigger box of beer on his bike and he fit the discription of the man who I had been sent the picture and email of. He was looking at me very nervously and took off down the side street and I tried following him but the one way streets, didn't allow for it. I was by myself and wanted to follow him to see what his address was, because he didn't register and another town where he last lived the police are looking for him because he never re-registered. I emailed my friend who sent me the forwarded email and feel like something else should be done but I am unsure. I went home, looked on my computer at the old email with the picture and I am pretty sure but not 100 percent. Any ideas about what I should do ? Thanks !
  2. what's a level 3 sex offender??
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    It is someone who has been convicted of a violent sex crime and has the highest likelihood to re-offend but is let into the community because of the judicial system and maybe they have served some time but they must register their home and work address where ever they go
  4. Unfortunately, at this point there isn't much you can do. If you run into him again, I'd call the police, even if you aren't positive it is him. The worst they can do is stop the man and find out it is the wrong person. But once he took off, if you didn't call anyone immediately, there is no telling where he went, so there is no way anyone could find him. You might want to let the liquor store owner know about the man and give him/her a copy of the email to post in the back room. That way, if he shows up again, an employee can call the police to check him out.

    Recently a man tried to entice children into his car in this community. I live in an extremely small, close-knit place, and I cannot imagine how anyone thought this might be a good place to try to entice children. We either know everyone we see, or keep an eye on who we don't. So the school sent out a bulletin saying they were looking for the man, gave a brief description, and he was caught by the following morning. Again, in very small towns, either everyone knows you or everyone watches you!
  5. YEs thank you you always have such great advice. It didn't hit me at first but when I noticed him looking all nervous and then the bike it hit me an it all came together. The side street he went down on the side went into many multi unit buildings so there is no way I could tell. I actually know the clerk who was working that night, he is a friend of my ex boyfriends so we are not on great terms but are friendly. They are all pretty grouchy there and may not go out of their way but he has some small kdis to may be somewhat helpful. Maybe I will take the picture in there and show it to him and see what he says. That is scary about what happened in your neighborhood. I am terrified of people like this, they have no impulse control, very scary.
  6. Google "sex offender registry" with your state included, or with "watchdog" included to see locations where registrants live and work. Then make sure your children never frequent areas nearby alone...
  7. We just had a registered sex offender move into our neighborhood. I can see his house from our upstairs den. There are kids all through our neighborhood, two young ones live directly across from his house. Someone, I think it was him, went through the neighborhood and put his mugshot and rap sheet in everyone's mailbox when he moved in. That's how we found out about it.

    Fortunately for me my daughter is grown and gone, but it's still creepy to think he could easily see into our house with a telescope. :wtf:
  8. scary.
  9. I always go on the state registry or family watchdog. I know that there is one who lives accross the street and he is an offender of adults so I am concerned but not as concerned but this guy, he has been eluding police and not registering that is why they are after him. Also lurking in schools very creepy. I honestly can't even take my kids to the library anymore. Even the Swampscott library which is an upper middle class type community and some of the houses there are in the several millions, have creepy people using the internet there so I feel like these places are not places I want to take my kids. So sad that this is the reality of where I live.
  10. I think you should tell the police that he was spotted. If no one seems to see him I am pretty sure they would conclude that he is not around and never made it to your town. Now if you let them know what you saw they will choose what to do. The point is that he was there, and since he was buying beer maybe they can investigate with cameras, if any. If he was buying a 6 pack beer that probably means he does live around there. This could be anonymous. You could even try to post the picture on the street. If he sees he has been spotted and recognize I am sure he will move on. You should do what u think is right. I am also thinking how correct that info is. Sometimes they are like chain letters. Keep updated what u are going to do!
  11. Ugh, I'm sorry you're dealing with this. How scary.
  12. Thank you everyone for your support and advice !
  13. He gets INSIDE the school? Or he lurks around the school? Either way, that is horrible and I hope they find this monster.

    I went on a watchdog site around my house and there is one sex offender that lives in our apt complex. Let me tell you..I always knew they were around, but its so surreal to actually look these things up and really see it. Then you know that, wow, its really real. KWIM? Scary. :tdown:
  14. Wow, that is totally scary. I agree that there isn't much you can do at this point unless you see him again. I would alert your acquaintance at the liquor store about it, like you said. Have you thought about contacting the police as an FYI. Maybe they can patrol that area a little more. If he has been there once, by bike, no less, it is possible he will be there again. A 12 pack only last so long!
  15. Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread, but what do you go to in order to do a search in your area? I just went to one site and it claims there are 36 offenders in my immediate area, but then it says I have to pay $10 to get the details. I Thought there was free way of getting the details.