Freaking out over lost luggage!!!

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  1. I have been flying forever - I've had "delayed" luggage a few times over the years but never for longer than a day- so I fly in from Tucson (stop in Dallas) to Ft. Lauderdale and my luggage is missing for THREE DAYS!!!! I have never had this before. I had at least $400 worth of cosmetics and creams, brushes, etc. Three pairs of my favorite jeans, 4 new tops I bought at Nordstrom's a week before I left, shoes, really expensive bras from VS. - I am out of my mind - sure, I'm known for overeacting but they can't find my bag anywhere and I need my stuff - If they can't get a bag from Arizona to Florida, how can they stop terrorists???? Okay I'm ranting, sorry - has anything like this ever happened to you?? I'm looking for some hope!!! P.S. Of course I've made all the appropriate phone calls.
  2. I've never experienced lost luggage(thankfully), but I am sending good thoughts your way. I know it must be hard. I never understood how they can not keep track of people's bags...
  3. Maybe someone accidently took your bag??
  4. It wouldn't have been an accident - my thick plastic name and address tag is fairly indestructible - unless a tsunami came through!!!! They just probably put it on a flight to the moon.
  5. ^^^ totally agree, maybe someone accidently took your bag. I had my bag go missing for a few days. When I got it back, a few items were missing (my LV speedy, brand new boots, pair of 7s and some other items). I started to cry and went crazy. I never keep receipts, so I didn't get fully reimbursed. I lost at least 2K worth of items, but only reimbursed $800. I really really really hope you get all your items back, and if someone accidently did take your bag, I really hope that they return it.
  6. GAWWWWWWWWWD !!! I can relate ! My designer luggage went missing for one week ! I flew to CA from London and my luggage somehow ended up in, i think Denver, if I remember correctly.
    I was beyond freaked out, inconsolable for days. The Airline gave me some kind of voucher to buy essentials.

    Anyway I hope you see your luggage soon. :heart:
  7. This actually just happened to my mom,sister and dad.

    they flew to Mexico from Dallas on Wednesday and they barely got 3 suitcases out of 6 or 7 I think. And they come back on Monday. What a waste. You think that the airlines would take way better care of their customers since WE'RE the ones paying alot of money... augh..
  8. This happened to me twice. The first time we went to Equador - luggage was not *lost* per se.. the airline removed random bags because of weight limits. My friend and I were stuck for 3 days - no clothes (lesson learned- always carry something onboard.)

    2nd time I was traveling to Taipei and Hong Kong for about 3 weeks. Checked a leather bag with all my *nice to haves*. Northwest lost the bag. I never saw it again.

    So sorry you are without bags! It does suck.
  9. Can you tell me more about the reimbursement process? I have lost stuff that is literally unreplaceable - Do they expect you to have receipts for all your clothes regardless of when you purchased them? Receipts for purchased items don't necessarily mean they were in the bag - I am completely hysterical over this - 3 pairs of my favorite jeans, a ton of cosmetics - here I go again - sorry - TG I didn't have a handbag in there or I swear I would die!!! Thanks so much for the empathy, it really helps!!!
  10. Did Northwest pay you? Thanks so much.
  11. OMG that is crazy...but thats why I travel with a carry-on big enough to get me through a day in a pinch
  12. Northwest was only liable for $600. This was because it was lost on an International flight (note the bag was lost in the US but didn't matter since it was ticketed to Taipei. I was pretty p.o.'d because I had more than $600 in there. Won't do that again..

    If it had been a domestic flight the airlines are liable for a higher amount (around $2000 plus or minus - forgot the exact #). Was told the lower international amount came out of the Geneva Convention (???). Anyhow, be forewarned about the differences.

    BTW I did not have to produce any receipts.
  13. Alvie, I was coming HOME - and they won't let you carry any cosmetics, creams, lotions, perfumes, etc. on the plane. Everything has to be checked - I guess you can stuff your clothes in a carry on and iron it when you get to where you're going but if they lose your bag, you lose a fortune in makeup and personal items. The moral of this story is don't check anything you can't afford to lose.
  14. So, where does all this lost luggage end up. If you watch the today show or good morning america they are alway's talking about the lost luggage. Do they sell the items or do they just store it in some wherehouse. I'm sorry. Don't mean to make light. I'm terrified of this happening to when I fly later this month. Good luck finding your luggage.
  15. gucci fan">
    Just mark your bag extremely well and it shouldn't be a problem.

    I saw somewhere that the lost items get sold.