freaking out just a little--made in italy?!

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  1. are any LV bags made in italy? i know they're made in france, spain and usa -- but hadn't heard italy.

    i ordered my onatah pm from eluxury and it got here today and i was doing my happy purse dance and soooooo happy. then when i checked the Louis Vuitton made in XXX tag, the spacing is different and it said made in italy and now i am seriously BUGGIN. :worried:
  2. I ordered mine from elux too and it should be here any minute now. I will let you know what mine says. I don't mind Made in Italy. I heard some LVs are made there.
  3. thanks! i don't mind it being made there...just wanted to make sure they ARE made there! it hink it'd be nice to have an lv from each of the countries. i know elux is legit, but i'm always extra wary about any internet purchases.
  4. eLuxury is owned by LVMH so chances of you getting a fake LV would be slim to none! don't worry, like the other thread says, LV is made in italy.
  5. Yes, they do make some bags in Italy and they even make some in Germany.
  6. whew! ::wipes sweat off brow:: thanks ladies! this place is fab!
  7. I once asked a SA who told me LVs have factories in 4 countries,France, Spain, USA and Italy.
  8. Not to worry elux is legit, enjoy your purchase, and resume your happy dance!
  9. they mostly make Suhali, shoes, and special edition bags in it's a good thing to have your bag madein Italy.....
  10. italy is good.
  11. Yup, I was just going to mention it's usually special ed bags from Italy, so if anything, it's even more special ! ;)