Freaking this common or am i just crazy lol

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    So yesterday I was using my 12A red jumbo for the day. When I came home to put it away, I noticed a black dot so I tried to lightly remove it with my nail but it seems like its glue. When I scratched it downwards, the black dot it made a thin line down. I scratched it up, It went back to just being a dot. So then I thot I'd clean it with baby wipes (non alcoholic) as it could be dirt. When I did, my bag started to look like its staining. So then I started freaking out as I thot the black dot was a stain and it's spreading it.

    When I calmed down abit, I decided to dry my bag with the fan to see if it just got too wet with the wipes. I've used baby wipes on this bag and a black flap before but both didn't show darkening except this time. When it dried, the spots disappeared.

    So my question is, is using a wet cloth or baby wipes going to create this darkening bc it's SOFT CAVIAR? My black flap is old caviar. Has this happened to any of you? Should I continue this cleaning but I'm scared it'll ruin the soft caviar leather in the future as it seems like its soaking more sensitively. This is my only soft caviar so I wasn't aware it'll water spot.

    And as for the black dot, I'm going to attempt to remove it with Cadillac cleaner (didn't have it with me at the time) when I get the chance. But if it doesn't go away, it doesn't really bother me as its quite small but I just wanted to attempt to remove it at least once. I don't want to keep rubbing on the spot on the chance that I'll fade the leather on that area.

    Sorry for the long post. Any advice dde01

    Here are the pictures:

    From the spot as it is. To me using the baby wipes in that black spot to the other spots just to see. To letting it dry.
    image-1362407949.jpg image-3510656363.jpg image-2881810702.jpg image-3716112616.jpg image-3965556476.jpg image-1108510374.jpg
  2. How WEIRD! The first thing I thought of was mascara because just a smidgen of it can smear over an acre.

    I agree with trying Cadillac cleaner, gently massaging the area but not rubbing.

    My bags are the more rigid Caviar so I don't know about the softer version. Keeping my fingers crossed for success in your cleaning.
  3. Well I guess the soft caviar absorbs the moisture very easily. Now I know not to use wipes on my 12A red jumbo :smile:
    Hope yours turns out fine after the Cadillac cleaner!
  4. I know a lot of people use baby wipes and wet disposable cloths to clean their bags. However, when I took my bag to Chanel for a cleaning and asked about it, the Chanel repair service person said don't do it. The reason was that there are chemicals in those wipes to "disinfect germs" and it can cause color bleeding or staining. She also said if people use it too often on the bag, then it can also dry out the leather.

    Her recommendation was to just use water a soft cloth if there is any dirt. And don't rub hard, just lightly. And she said also definitely don't rub hard over the stitching as you will cause it to fray over time if you keep rubbing and wetting it. Just water. Nothing else, no chemical nothing. If the bag is really dirty, take it in for a professional clean job. All that made sense to me, so I only use water and a soft cloth.

    The discoloration looks like bleeding from chemical use. Perhaps you can take it in or send it in to Chanel for cleaning. I am sure this since happened recently, they can fix it and it is not permanent.
  5. Hi the discoloration is gone. It just needed to dry for abit for the wet spot to disappear. I think it is true that wipes tend to dry it out as I've used on caviar flaps and I have noticed a bit of dryness. Which was why I had to use Cadillac to make it shiny again. Im definitely going to use a soft cloth and water for my flaps now. I'll just keep using my bags until it needs to be spruced up by the boutique in the future :smile:
  6. Hi... So happy for you it's gone!
  7. What about Apple or Cadillac cleaners? Did the Chanel repair service say something about the products? My SA used to clean some white speck with GooGone with my aged calf reissue.
  8. Glad the dark spot went away! I don't have the 12A red but I do have a Louis Vuitton bag in the cloud collection Olympe leather from a few years ago... whenever the rain hits the bag, it turns from a light pink/grey to dark ink blue :wtf: The first time that happened, I freaked out. Luckily, I have read somewhere on TPF that once it dries, it goes away. Not sure why that happens...
  9. Hi... I didn't ask about other cleaners. I only asked about wet cloths because they are the most gentle, and even then, the repair service person said no. Use only water with a damp soft cloth.

    On GooGone... your SA did a very bad thing. I assume you are not familiar with GooGone, so I'll share some info here (so you do not allow your SA to use GooGone on your bag again!). GooGone is a household cleaner, you get it at places like Home Depot. My husband loves the stuff for his manly projects. The bottle says it is great for project cleanup and contractor jobs. It removes stuff like silicone caulk, sealants, tree sap, tar. So, this is heavy duty stuff. It also says DO NOT USE ON SILK, LEATHER, SUEDE. I have no idea why your SA would even think to use it on a Chanel bag. Of course it will remove the spot on your bag, heck.. GooGone will remove silicone caulk, so what's a tiny little spot. But it is way too powerful for leather. Plus, it clearly says on the bottle not to use it on leather. Sure, it will temporarily solve the problem and the spot will go away. I would be more concerned about the long term impact to the leather (drying, cracking), which is why I don't mess with my bags and if they get really dirty, just send it in to Chanel for a complete cleaning. It's not expensive at all, around $200.00 or so. I do that every several years for my bags and just rotate. It is worth the peace of mind.

    I do not mean to offend any SAs, but SAs are sales people. They are not leather experts. Similar to a clothing SA, they sell clothes. I would not trust a clothing SA to alter and tailor my clothes, just like I would not trust a Chanel handbag SA to repair my bag.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know about GooGone so you do not use it again. It is really strong stuff. And... definitely not for leather. I am still shocked the SA used it on your bag. You are lucky the SA didn't cause any damage.
  10. Oh my..Thank you so very much for the information!!
    Long story short, after she cleaned the first spot. I found out a few more later and asked if she could find me another bag. I exchanged mine for another brand new bag with no presents of any glue spots. I felt uncomfortable at that time. Even Chanel use glue as part of their manufacture process, those spots shouldn't be there after QC. Lucky me. Until now, if she hadn't found me another one, I would have taken the same bag home without realizing the damage she did to my bag!

  11. Bulbs...Glad for you that the dark spots disappeared. Some leather is more porous than the other. I used the Apple cleaner on my YSL white patent once (assumed patent should be more resistant to moisture than regular leather). I couldn't be more wrong. After scuffing and buffing, the original stains (from my dark jeans) were gone but the dampen spots remained! It took a few more months before the spots were completely gone. I sold the bag in no time after that.
  12. Super! I am so glad you got a new bag! Good for you for pushing that.
  13. Ohh probably same issue!! What is the leather of this bag? Like the soft caviar too?
  14. Wow GooGone is a household cleaner? Definitely a good thing to know. I've never thought to use that tho. I've only used Cadillac as its meant for leather and from hearing positive reviews from other tpf members. That is odd that the SA would use something that strong for your bag.
  15. Have you used other cleaners after that? I've only tried Cadillac (just started to but it's on a black bag) and so far it seems to make it less dry. Maybe the bag was so damp it took months to dry lol.