1. This past Saturday I went to the salon to get a Digital Perm... pretty much a perm with loose locks.... I warned the stylist that my hair has been treated chemically within the year and it was a bit dry so I might need extra treatment...she told me all will be fine!

    When the perm was done...OMG.... my hair came out FRIED!!!...

    I had nice long straight hair...and now I look like I have a brush fire going on! It's coompletely FRIED...not juz damaged..but DEAD!!! and breaking off.

    What do i do???

    I'm debating 2 choices:

    1. Go back to her...get some treatment and a cut to cut off all the dead ends...which is pretty much everything....i'm going from lower back length hair to probably shoulder length!!

    2. Go more money...get a cut..and chemically straighten it?


    My heart just wants to run n get it straightened...but even that is chemically strong...and I'm afraid it'll do more damage than good....

    So then what are my choices??? I don't want to leave it like this another day!!!

    :wtf: :crybaby:

    Anyone else had perming disasters??? HELP ME!!~ please....
  2. I got a perm once and this same thing happened to me...It broke nearly all of my hair off toward the front of my head and it never fully grew back. The back of my head is thick, but the front is fairly thin....

    I would actually go and demand my money back. You warned her about your hair and it was her job to take the necessary precautions with chemically treated hair. If she did not condition it properly, then that is HER fault. I wouldn't go back and get it conditioned and cut, but NOT chemically straitened. Your hair is already fried from this treatment, so why in the world would you want to put more chemicals on your head?
  3. Go back to your hairstylist, and ask for a deep conditioning treatment, and get those ends cut off. I would NOT get a straightener put on your hair because it would really break off BAD!!!!!!! (I am a hairstylist, btw) And, at home I would really baby it for a while, easy on the heat, and I would also suggest deep conditioning for a while, Joico K-PAK reconstructor is AMAZING!!!
  4. I agree!
  5. I´m so sorry for what happened! Agreee with Holly Di, you need compensational treatments!
  6. Yikes! That sucks!! :/

    I say, go back there, kick her ass, n demand a FREE haircut.
  7. Go back right away and talk to a Manager...dont let anyone else put more chemicals in your hair, it will make it worse!
  8. You need to take pictures. You should take her to small claims court and get damages. You are entitled. Document the damage first however.
  9. Go back to her and get your money back, but do not let her fix your hair. Go somewhere else to get your hair fixed. I think you are probably going to have to cut a shorter cut. Have a friend, SO or family member help you to make a day of it, pick out cute short styles that you like, go shopping for a little dress that would look cute with short hair or something.... no chemicals on your hair. I really like kerastase age recharger. You can buy this on at a discount and you can also get a percentage back. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  10. Oh yeah, I must add too now reading Selena's mentioning of small claims---

    I once got my hair highlighted and it came out BUSTED. The stylist was very busy and left me sitting there with foils in my hair under the dryer for over 20 mins. I told her before we started that my hair has been highlighted before and then I colored it all black.

    Well, when she finally came back for me, she freaked out bc my hair was TOASTED! My hair broke off, became stretchy and it was just ugly.

    I couldn't' do anything about it bc before we started, she had me sign a paper saying that whatever happens I can't sue them. That was the only place that I have been to that has u sign before getting any services done.

    Never went back there.
  11. Ok..This HAS happened to me..Go find a bumble and bumble salon(one that carries their products) They have a deep conditioning serum that saved my hair,I SWEAR.I also use a wash out and a leave in damage therapy line from them since I color my hair.Bumble and Bumble has a web site thatll show you where the closest salon is.BUT Im afraid to tell ya I had to cut alot of the damage off have to get rid of some of it.BUT ONLY go to another salon..DO NOT go back to the chic that killed yer more chemicals on it ..or it will fall out!Stop using any bleach or chemicals on it.
    so sorry.i have been there.I cried for 2 weeks once when that sucked bad.HUGS!Feel free to Pm me too.
  12. Don't straighten it! I have naturally curly hair and ruined it once by coloring and straightening too close together. Baby it. Condition it as much as possible. You may have to get some of the damage cut off, but please don't use any more harsh chemicals too soon.
  13. Awe sorry that happened to you. I must ask, did you wash your hair within 72 hours of getting the perm? I had a perm way back in the day and they told me not to brush or wash for at least 3 days or it would get frizzy. I def think you should go back and get it fixed. Do not get any other chemicals put in your hair. You're best bet would probably be to cut off the dead part.
  14. Ooo...sorry to hear that. I was reading about the perm in other threads and I was thinking about having it done too. Now I have second thoughts.. :shocked:

    I agree with everyone else, you should go back there and demand your money back or some type of free service or voucher. Go for the deep conditioning.
  15. This sounds like the best plan of action. The first priority is to restore yourself. Then you can consider your options regarding the salon that caused the problem.