Freaking out - Belen Echandia Woes...

  1. Hi girls,
    Help me to feel better about this. I am freaking and worrying constantly about it....Flat out driving myself batty.
    I want a Loce Me in Black matte or Black Crash. Obviously they are both sold out on the BE website, but I emailed Jackie (love her BTW) and she explained the color difference and the exclusivity of the bag, etc.

    It comes down to this: The BE Love Me is out of stock in almost every color.
    Quote from Jackie's email
    "We have lots of different colours and styles and we never order huge quantities of anything. If these bags sell out, and I don't order any more, then that bag will cease to exist. Since a leather workshop, even a small one, cannot economically produce 1 bag we can only order to customers' order if and when we have other orders, either from stores or private customers. Since we have ordered quite a lot of these recently, I doubt that we will be ordering more in the near future."

    I am really upset by this! I really appreciate Jackie giving me the straight scoop and it really makes me want one of her bags even more. Best customer service ever - BY. FAR. Right now, I am tight on the funds, especailly with all the Christmas presents I have to buy this year..." I think I am seriously obsessed and disturbed that I can't buy this bag! Please, help me to feel better about it. It's like I can't picture myself with ANY other black bag but this one. It's insane! :hysteric:

    HELP. Thanks in advance!

  2. Oh no, that sucks. There are 2 options I can think of: eBay, or if she has some sort of mailing list were BE will notify you if and when they produce more of them.

    Maybe send out a rallying cry across tPF! Everyone who wants a Love Me email Jackie! (I would be right there with you, but I am...out of funds...doh)
  3. The only other thing I can think of is looking at her retailer sites and asking them if there are any forthcoming. I know offered some styles, although I'm not sure about the black crash or matte black - I think they received everything they are supposed to receive :sad:....they do have the pewter, which I think is pretty cool!

    That's a bummer because I was thinking of a black if it's not listed on her site, chances are slim that she can procure one, I guess...

    ETA: I would try to not worry about it - it's more desirable because right now it's not accessible, but as a good friend of mine once said, Whatever you want shows up (on eBay) eventually. And if it's any consolation, the grey is very pretty too...!
  4. No worries... I agree with audball67 when she said that you probably only really really want it right now because you cannot have it. Unfortunatly there isn't much you can do about it other than e-mailing and checking back on the site until there are more available.

    Sorry you are so bummed, don't get yourself to stressed about WILL get one eventually!
  5. Thanks everyone. You are probably right. I really do want the bag, but is that desire driven by my inability to buy it at the moment or the desire for the bag itself? I am not sure what the answer to the question is. I would hate to be one of those people who wants what they can't have. Usually, I do pretty well with being content with what I have. <sigh>. I have my fingers crossed that she will decide to do a reissue on these. I have a birthday coming up on the other side of Christmas and might be able to get one then.

    Fingers Crossed. :sweatdrop:
  6. MissTiss -
    the "baggods" are fickle creatures: they temp and taunt us when we're most vulnerable and when we least expect it, the object of our desires miraculously reappears.

    all will be well and if its truly the bag that's meant for you - you will have it.

  7. I don't understand. Why don't you put in an order for it? Jackie was taking orders...up until recently. Other than that, buy from Muse Ten, or get yourself on the next order list for when she goes into production.

  8. Broke. Sadly, not a lot of money to spare at present. I originally just emailed Jackie to asked a few questions. I really, really,really wanted one and I saw that she was already out of the black matte (at that time)...I guess I just thought the bag would be around for a while. It still might, I suppose it depends on the supply and demand.
  9. If you really want it I would have Jackie to put me on the list for the next production or next season. Eventually you'll get your black Love me. I have the black rash and I was indecisive about the normal black or the rash but I'm super happy with the black rash because it's such a beautiful and sturdy leather. It looks like a Balenciaga black but it's much more insensitive and can take a beating. I use her in really ****ty weather and rain doesn't harm her at all.
  10. I know how you feel to have this desperate yearning for a bag that you're not sure will still be around when you have the funds to actually purchase it but just remember there is always another great bag around the corner. Next seasons BE bags will probably be even better!!!
    (and lets face it- the design seems to be so popular they would be mad not to do another production of it!!!)
  11. ^true. I will email and get on a list. Her bags can only get better; you're right.

    I love you girls! It is so nice to be able to talk to people who totally get my love of bags. My best friend totally doesn't get it...I get a blank stare from her whenever I come around with a new bag. LoL!!