Freakin' Thieves!!!

  1. Ok. I've been holding something back from you all. My Alicia sunglasses were either lost or stolen from me while at Disney 2 months ago. :sad: Now I come home to find that my Coach tag on my Bleecker is "missing". I know someone took it because that thing was sturdy and there's no way it just fell off. I have a pretty good idea who took it, but it's a shame you can't trust grown people to keep their hands to themselves and their things. :cursing: Thanks for letting me rant. (P.S. Can I buy another one from Coach?)
  2. UGH! I'm so sorry to hear this. I think if you contact coach they can send you a new hangtag. :sad:
  3. Either that or contact your local SA told me that when bags are damaged and they have to cut them up and throw them out (yes, painful but true), they save the hang tags for situations such as these.
  4. That stinks, Indigo! If you can't get a new one through Coach, I have seen them on eBay! Hope you can get a replacement!
  5. Sorry to hear :sad:
  6. I'm sorry, Indigo!! Sounds like a trip to the mall is in order!:tup:
  7. I think you can get a replacement one. I had my hangtag fall of my Leigh and I found it in my room the other day on the floor.
  8. I read somewhere that Coach will send you a new hangtag for free.:yes:
  9. Thanks ladies. admat97: I think so too! :tup:
  10. I'm so sorry about your sunnies :sad:
  11. Thanks, I can't be cool anymore (well, at least not until I get some more).
  12. Sorry - my sunglasses were stolen about a month ago so I feel your pain.
  13. Yes they will...I have one coming since my tote did not come with one.
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your sunnies (and your hangtag)!! I hate it when people take things that don't belong to them. I hope you find a new pair that you love!
  15. That is so sad! What a bummer that someone stole your sunnies and a hang tag! What the heck!