Freakin'! (This time FedEx comes out on top)

  1. So I kept tracking my package all day today because the FedEx site said it was here in the city. I even called this morning to see if it could be rerouted to the nearest store and was told no. The rep said only after an attempt would it be taken back. I look online again and see that it has been delivered this morning (while no one is home) and left on the doorstep. :wtf: I race home for lunch while calling FedEx (yes, it's in my phone now) and they tell me they were authorized by Coach to leave it on the doorstep. I call Coach and ask if that's their procedure (after hanging up on FedEx guy, sorry) and they say, yep. :wtf: So I asked why would they authorize for it to be left on the doorstep and she said they are in the process of changing their policy. So I hang up with her to come home and discover two packages sitting on the doorstep (freakin' USPS). The one from FedEx is covered by our mat out front and pushed into a corner where there is no light. THANK YOU FEDEX GUY!!! However, USPS just dropped it off on the doorstep in direct sunlight (another Coach package).:cursing: Oh well, I guess I won't be ordering online anymore until Coach changes their policy. Thanks for letting me vent. :rant:
  2. Yikes! You can have Coach deliver it to the nearest store, that's what I've started to do. It's easier to get to the Mall than run to the Fed Ex depot after work and try to make it their before they close.
  3. i'm glad ur fed ex guy is intelligent!
  4. i think the price point may play into it.. when I ordered the swing pack ($118) no signature was required. When I ordered the multifunction hamptons bag ($348) it came signature required..
    OR --
    The swing pack came from JAX .. and the multifunction came from another store.. so maybe if another store ships it, it's sig required.. and if JAX, then no sig required..
  5. nope, you're right, it is price point. I had a scarf delivered, just left. Whereas my bag had to be signed for. It's frustrating too when they can only deliver to billing address - and yet you work all day! :shrugs:
  6. I actually feel the opposite. I have a signature release on file with FedEx and UPS and just want my packages left. When I ordered LV from eLuxury, the used a type of FedEx delivery that requires a signature, regardless of the fact that you have a signature release on file. So basically, I have to stay home from work to get the package (let's not even bring up the fact that the delivery guy stopped in front of my house and then drove off without ever coming to my door... and then reported "no one available"... so basically I wasted a day off work and had to cancel all my Saturday plans to sit and wait again... but that's another story)
  7. I hate FedEx and I have emailed Coach to PLEASE find another drop shipper to use. My SA told me that if its less than $500, they won't require a signature and everytime I've ordered, that's been the case. For example, when I order my Ali and the matching legacy wristlet ($600) a signature was required. When I ordered my leather Ergo ($368) FedEx left it on the doorstep with my mat over the box.

    I"m just not comfortable with leaving my packages outside, much less one that is valuable.

    I just call and ask them to leave it at the FedEx facility and that I will come pick it up. If you call FedEx, they will tell you that they HAVE to attempt to deliver it at least once, but that's not the case.
  8. That sucks, I have mine delivered to work so someone is there to ALWAYS get my package. I would hate the thought of my $$$ sitting on my porch or anyone to grab!
  9. your best bet is to have it just shipped to the store. its really the best option because FedEX is unreliable. As for USPS, I have complained WAYto many times and they dont care. Another option is get a PO Box or have things delivered to your work.
  10. Actually you're right about both. They said if it comes from a store then a signature is required. If from JAX, it doesn't. How do I have it sent to a store? Thanks for the suggestion ladies! :smile:
  11. I am sorry that you had this experience. It is very trying to have something valuable that you have patiently waited for just get left out on your front doorstep for anyones taking. I too have had stuff left under the garbage can lid in front of my front door by FEDEX. I order from a Coach boutique 95% of the time. The other times when I order from 1-800 Coach are for things that I can't get in the boutiques. Recently I got the Legacy Striped Wristlet and the Legacy Kiss Lock Striped Wristlet - both were ordered from 1 -800 Coach (I tried ordering from my SA at the boutique but the Coach Database system did not allow her to order it for me). Fortunately for me the FEDEX guy left the package with my next door neighbor. I sure hope that Coach revises their shipping policy soon.
  12. Me too. I think I will just have it sent to my job if all else fails. My Coach boutique is clear across town and I don’t want to have to drive all the way there just to get it. :shrugs:
  13. I must be a lucky girl. I have my packages delivered to me at work if I know I can't be at home- and I have a receptionist that will hand-deliver them to my desk! :yes:
  14. Ugh, what a poor policy that is on Coach's part! I'm surprised they have this actually. But I'm glad that at least some of the Fed Ex guys at least try to hide the packages somewhat.
  15. I wish I could get my packages delivered to work, but that's a no-no around here.