Freaked out...

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  1. So I purchased 2 shoulder/makeup bags 2 weeks ago from a seemingly authentic seller. I had the bags authenticated here before I bid (everyone said they looked fine) - they arrived and are beautiful and new as described (one even had the Nordies tag still on). Since then I tried to leave the seller feedback only to discover that they're no longer a registered user.. They had something like 800 feedbacks, 99.9% of which were positive.

    Now I'm freaking out.....

    why would you lose your registration unless something shady was going on... I'd link to the auctions so you guys could check them out - but the listings have been removed. I'm soooooo freaking out here.

    eeeep. :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Yikes!! Something is up there! I wonder why?? Ebay is getting sketchy lately.....
  3. I swear that they look 100% authentic - but something fishy is going on. I'm cutting back on ebay it's just not worth it.. I hate having doubts.
  4. No need to worry.. the authentic bBags are in your possession now.. so as far as the transaction between you and the seller are complete.. then everything should be good. The seller may have had his/her account hijacked... so this temporarily will have them showing as a no longer registered user. No worries~! I'm sure everything is fine.. or will be fine with the seller. :yes:
  5. no no , don't freak out!! i had this happen to a seller i bought from - she was a powerseller and something happened to her account, it got frozen by ebay or something. anyway, this doesn't take away from the authenticity of your items!!!
    in fact, i remember another tPFer, i want to say either becca or aaallabama, that this happened to as well.

    don't worry - your items are real and authentic. ebay is f'ed up, i'm sure the seller did nothing wrong :flowers:
  6. Okay - thank you so much ladies. I feel 100 times better! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  7. Dont worry. I sold a bag a few months ago and by the time the cheque cleared the user was no longer registered and so I couldnt find her address. I emailed her and she said she had suspended her account because she was going on holiday for 2 weeks. Two weeks later it was up and running again. Strange but true..
  8. Maybe she just sold what she had left and decided she was finished with Ebay. There are a lot of people (long time sellers) who are quitting Ebay. I don't think you should worry. It's either that, or like others have said, something not sinister such as fraud.
  9. I echo what everyone has said. You would be able to tell the makeup clutch apart from a real one, remember Deco's thread about the fake? Ebay is super touchy lately, who knows what's going on with them.
  10. Don't worry about it....this person could have simply been late paying their ebay fee's or decided to switch accounts...this actually happends quite often to reliable sellers...ebay is very quick to suspend or close people's accounts for ridiculous have the person's e-mail no??? from completing the sale? e-mail them if you're concerned...but I wouldn't be.
  11. If there's nothing wrong with your bags, why are you worried? As long as you have them and they're authentic, don't worry about the the NARU seller. Who knows what happened? Ebay's been acting strange lately. Don't think too much about it! Enjoy your new purchases!
  12. I would not worry to much either. I had a buyer with 1 feedback buy something from me pay and the next before I planned to ship was not reg. anymore. I held off the shipment and they filed a dispute because they stated I never shipped. I explained to him that I had no contact (after they are not reg. you cannot see any info) and that I will ship asap after he gave me the info. He received his item and closed the case, he is back on Ebay. I guess maybe random reasons why, Ebay is getting more and more weird lately.
  13. this happened to a friend of mine...there were people who were reporting her items as counterfeit thats why ebay froze her took a while before they reinstated her account back...i tell you there are a lot of jealous people in this world
  14. I agree as long as your bags are authentic...Then no worries...It's not your problem... You would only have to worry if your bags weren't authentic. Or if you had not received your items;)
  15. no worries, the bbags are already in your hands. Now, if you'd paid and not received anything and the seller is NARU'd, then that's when you need to worry