fReaKbay pulls authentic bags but has "sponsored results" for fake bags!!

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  1. Check this out. So you can't even revise your listing for a LV, Chanel, etc. handbag without it being pulled and you being slapped with a 30-day restriction, but fReaKbay can direct you to a site that sells fakes via "sponsored results from" (see link below). These results include items from Moda Queen, which swears on a stack of bibles that it sells authentic bags, but which we know sells many of the crappy fake Marc Jacobs elises, darias, blakes, stellas, etc., that show up on cReepBay claiming to be "100% authentic." In addition, the bay surely must get paid to display these sponsored results, so once again we see it profiting from the sale of fakes--yet pulling your authentic bags.
  2. Simply put, yes, eBay sponsors the sale of fake bags. Believe it or not, it gets worse. Read the thread here, " eBay asked me to send the fake bag back to them"; you'll get an even bigger rise reading that one, for sure.
  3. /\ Oh, I've read all that and seen the YouTube videos. It's revolting. This was like the final insult tonight when I noticed the sponsored results for Moda Queen.

    BTW, I contacted fReaKbay about this and about why authentic LV, Chanel, et al handbags from seasoned sellers are being pulled while so many fakes are being left untouched (just for the heck of it, you know, it's not like I'm gonna get a straight answer from anyone, as they themselves don't know). So anyway, I was told that the bags being pulled were being reported as being fake, hence the theory that competitors are reporting each other's bags. And that fReaKbay's Trade and Security (or some crap like that, can't remember) department--their internal FBI-like agency (aka Fake Bags Inc.) makes that decision based on the proof provided that the bags are fake (say what?!) and as a requested by the manufacturer (ohhh). About the "sponsored results" for fake bags, I was again told to contact their FBI, which I plan to do--just for the heck of it of course.
  4. That does sound like how eBay operates, yes.
  5. :ninja: :death: from Karmen and all her friends........ we are sick of Freakbay

  6. This is just sickening! I am lost for words (not a common thing to happen to me,lol)

  7. that's crap!

    that's seriously double standards.
  8. freakbay is awful now! I wish Yahoo or MSN would launch a better auction site
  9. OMG. I can't belived it. Actually I can.
  10. Oh yeah - I noticed that a long time ago.
    The ultimate case of Hypocrisy at it's BEST....:tdown:
  11. That's called preaching in your underwear... :blink:
  12. I've seen this too! It's ridiculous!
  13. :bump:
  14. Omg that's horrible :sad:
  15. I am confused mizsunshine, why are you bumping those old threads and not really saying anything?
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