Freak! I'm furious!

  1. I just sent an email to a second hand site about a Gucci that I really wanted. I had already been beaten out of an LV on eBay, so I thought this would make up for it. I go to email the seller and IT'S SOLD! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Thanks for letting me rant. :rant:
  2. awwww so sorry! which one was it?
  3. I'm afraid to say, cause a TPFer might have bought it. was a black vintage monogram shoulderbag. :sad: I just wish I wouldn't have wanted it so bad, to find out it hadn't been taken down yet.
  4. sorry! I hope you find another that you really love!
  5. Thanks! :s
  6. aww so sorry, im SURE u will find a another one! who knows, it just may be better!

    good luck!!
  7. yer i agree, i think these things happen for a reason! you'll find the bag of your dreams soon! and you'll snap it up! :smile: