Fraying Question: Zoe vs Carly

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  1. I know a lot of sig carlys had big fraying issues in the past. The corners on the bottom and the zip top... Now that they have almost "replaced" carly with zoe, I m wondering if the fraying issue is ruled out, or if the zoe is still in danger? I m considering a sig zoe (at least in the future) and I want to know if the condition has gotten any better. I had a gold sig carly, and after a year of off-and-on use, she started fraying on the bottom corners, and i saw ebay pics of somebodys zip top as well... The zoe has leather on top- so that's good, but how about the rest? I m falling in love with the zoe's, but i m afraid of fraying- and i don't want another leather bag with brass hardware...
  2. I haven't had a zoe but it does seem to take away part of the fraying worry because of the leather on top!! I've seen some beatup carlys on eBay too with ALOT of fraying on the top since you're always accessing the bag.. I almost got a zoe for that fact alone( a litle less durability watch?) but i've never had a carly and they're being phased out-- I just had to choose the carly.
    Also I thought I read somewhere the jacquard has been improved so there's lessfraying issue?
  3. Considering the Carly fraying issues were at the top and on the corners and Zoe

    A) does not have corners
    B) has leather at the top

    I think you should be safe. Obviously any fabric (or any material) will eventually show wear with lots of abuse, but I think the design kink have been worked out to prevent untimely wear.

    Enjoy your Zoe. :yes:
  4. Well, this is my first post :smile:.

    Zoe is great. You do have the leather at the top which creates a really nice reinforcement AND if you don't mind black signature.. it does come in the silver hardware!
  5. ** I know it says I joined in April of 2008... i just never had the chance to sit down and post.