Fraying on the metallic fabric...anyway to fix it???

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  1. I received this bag from eBay and was disappointed :sad: I love the bag so much but some of the gold metallic has came off and it looks like a dark line through it. It also looks dirty. Can somebody help me on what i should do? Wish I could take pictures but my camera is with my hubby. Thanks in advance.
  2. I would return it.
  3. Was the condition of the bag misrepresented in the auction? If so contact the seller and see about a return or partial refund. If it was correctly stated, then maybe try to work on cleaning it up. I dont know about the fraying though - maybe see if Coach can send it out for repair. Can you do that with a bag from eBay?
  4. unfortunately, there is NOTHING that can be done for metallic leather. Most of the metalic bags are basically a dusted suede that will eventually rub off and will always look dirty. Even the metallic leather that's typically used for trim will do the same. You can't clean it.

  5. Thanks peacocky, I didn't know that! :s
  6. May I ask what bag it is... I have the signature stripe bag, in Chocolate. The Bronze part had some back lines in it. At first I thought that it was falling at first. So I was sad and then I went to Coach last week, The SA asked me "how do you like your bag?" I said i loved it!!! but then I told her what happened and she said that there is no reason for that to happen. So she got the signature cleaner and wiped it!! it came off it was just dirty. I guess Lotion or water? it did look like it was falling off because it just look black, but now it looks amazing.
  7. Oh! its leather? sorry. I did not get that part....
  8. It's happening to my Legacy fold over wristlet with the dusted gold metallic leather trim. A lot of it has rubbed off. It happened to my Lyndsay flip flops as well.

    You can find threads here and there over the past year regarding this issue.

    That's why I will not buy a metallic leather bag!:nogood:

  9. Hi..the bag I am referring to is the Gold Metallic Pleated Hobo 8B33. It's my favorite ever. But, what I don't like is what happens to that gold finish that is coming off. The pictures I have attached are from eBay. I will take pictures as soon as my hubby comes from conference.
    551d_1-1.JPG.jpg 5a16_1.JPG.jpg 57bb_1.JPG.jpg

  10. It was not misinterpreted, I think. The description "Some of the metallic has rubbed off."
  11. From the COACH is from GOAT suede with metallic finish...
  12. the same thing was happening to my signature stripe swingpack in choco/bronze so i took it back... it was falling off along the trim & i had only had it for less than a week.
  13. I used to have this exact bag in silver but sold it last year. Yes, the metallic will rub off, but at least my silver one had a sort of distressed appearance to it anyway (almost crackle as well since it's dusted goat suede). It actually did not look that bad when that happened because it's not an extremely heavy metallic finish anyway. I imagine it's more noticeable to you than others. Unfortunately, metallic bags are not so practical as every day bags, and that's the reason I did sell my silver one. There is nothing you can do about it when it rubs off. :crybaby:
  14. This is my fave Coach bag ever. So sorry it arrived less than perfect but it is still beautiful and I would still use it if I were you!