Fraying Mini Lin Ebene Cles!


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
I just looked at my cles and noticed that the edges on the top are fraying. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I will take it in to my SA, but I bought it on eBay so I don't believe I have the original receipt. My ebene Speedy is holding up OK so far, thank goodness.
Jan 31, 2007
I found that this has happened with my Monogram wallet with coin pocket as well. I didn't bring it with me to the store but I asked one of the SAs and she said that it can be repaired (for a certain fee) but I couldn't have been bothered. I didn't bring the wallet with me but she said it could have been because I don't use it enough, which doesn't really make much sense. But definitely frustrating!