Fraying issues

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  1. I know the Carly's are notorious for fraying (I haven't used my Carly much lately so she hasn't frayed obviously) but is this a hazard for all the jacquard bags? I just got the siggy/platinum madeline...will she fray more than likely?

    I guess it doesn't bother me because then I can get a new bag and I do have Whiskey Ali (mmm love her lol), I was just curious if the fraying can be avoided at all. much fraying does it have to have to be sent in? My mom has the hamptons carryall and I've noticed a few spots that have frayed but not majorly. More like the beginning stages. Should we have it looked at by Coach and see if they can send it in?
  2. i dont think all sig frays, i have sig bags that i have used heavily and still lok new, and im not sure on how much, maybe you can post a picture of it
  3. I am interested in this too. I have no sig bags yet, but I am interested in a couple and am worried about fraying.
  4. I think it just matters on where the signature fabric is. Like the carly has "sharp" corners.. so of course after use and friction on the "sharp" corners it's gonna start wearing.. as well as the top is pretty "sharp" crease.

    I think hobos and such where its rounded off, is pretty safe. :smile:
  5. I have the Signature Soho Hobo with the braided strap and it has this ever so tiny hint of fraying, but it just doesn't seem like it would develop any further.
    I got it not so long ago and I've used a good ten times if that... I do know that if it full on frays, I'll be calling Coach about it :yes: