Fraying Carly

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  1. Has anybody with a Fraying Carly successfully received a credit for the small size? I finally got around to taking mine in to the store today. Even though it's all back it's clearly fraying, and I haven't carried it in a few months because it keeps getting worse. Sad, because it was one of my favorites.

    Anyway, the SA told me that they are offering credit on the large Carly. She acknowledged that mine is fraying, but said that there was nothing they could do and suggested that it didn't really show because the bag is all black. Whatever. I got in Jan 07 and I'm pretty sure it was either $178 or $278 new. Not a HUGE amount but enough to bug me that I don't use it anymore.
  2. E-mail customer service...this doesn't sound right. Coach should back all their products, regardless of size or price point.
  3. I bought the small coach carly back in 07 and mine was $348. I also had the black/black op art. and it frayed. I didn't take it back. Oh wow, maybe coach is cutting back and no longer taking them....but with that said they can't do for others and not for you. I would do what Italianhaircolor said and contact coach customer service. Who knows maybe the SA is new... goodluck!
  4. I think she may be talking about the Carly demi or top handle pouch. I just got credit on mine that JUST had top fraying damage about a month ago, but the outlet only credited me what it last sold came to $129 for a bag that was $348 and it was NOT an outlet bag!!!!!

    I'd call JAX!!!
  5. Supposedly they will only credit what the bag last sold for. I was told this to, with a different bag that had damage. At least from the outlet level, that's what they will do. I would call Coach CS and see what they can tell you.
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    This is my 2nd Carly and my 3rd coach purse I've had to return. The manager said they wouldn't be able to repair it and it's "wear and tear" damage. She said the best they could do was give me 40% off a new bag. I told her my faith in the product is gone and I would rather just have my money back. She then said "I'm sorry you've lost faith in us, is there anything else I can do besides give you your money back because I cannot do that" I then told her this is my 3rd coach purse. The first (I purchased from Dillards) the bracket just came off and the strap broke. The 2nd was a Carly that frayed in the same spot this 2nd one did and I brought it back and replaced it with another Carly. Next time I'm buying leather, I said. She then said they'd replace my Carly with a purse on the showroom floor that was equal value. I got a Maggie for $348 and it's walnut leather. When I thought about it later I got made cuz she had the "power" to exchange my purse the whole time but mentioned the 40% off another purse first! She said my Carly was from 2008. I know I exchanged it last year! So they exchanged the damaged for the Maggie and I didn't have to pay anything! Love the Maggie!

    So, now I have the Maggie in Walnut leather. I kept my receipt this time and will not hesitate to take it in if its starts falling apart! I do have to say my faith in them standing behind their product has been restored. I'm just weary about spending the $$ on a purse that will fray or break. Time will tell. The thought that I spent $348 on a purse that was fraying made me sick to my stomach!
  7. I got full credit on the medium size back in the summer. Call CS and mail it in skip right over the store. they wouldn't help me at all.
  8. Thanks ladies, I will call this week. And yes, my bag is the signature canvas demi in black/black. Now that I think of it, it was $178.
  9. good luck - I recently had the store send in my blk/blk med carly when they only offered the 40% discount on a new bag. I got the bag back this week with a discount letter. Kinda disappointed since the bag is clearly fraying along the edges of the Cs and it is not a result of snagging the purse or rubbing on something.
  10. I bought my Carly 3 yrs ago at Nordstrom and I took it to the Coach Store per Coach CS and they gave me full credit on a new bag.. no questions asked.. Great Service.. I Love Coach:smile: Sad to give up my Carly though
  11. ^ Diddo! Took my large Carly into FP and got full credit, no questions asked. Seems like everyone is not getting treated equally.
  12. My sister had a Carley for a number of years and she returned hers to Coach also and they really took good care of her!