Frayed Lining in Belen Echandia STROKE ME

  1. Hi ladies -- I'm wondering if any of you are having this problem...or is it only me. My large choco Belen Echandia Stroke Me is only a few weeks old in my life. At the seams -- where the lining meets the top of the bag... is fraying. And sticking out.
    I'm not a happy camper.
    Is this happening to you? Or is yours clean and perfect?
    I will let Jackie know, for quality control reasons...but you know, really we can't keep bothering her with all this little stuff. :s

  2. I haven't had any problems with my SMs. I don't think it's out of line to contact any business re: questions or concerns about the quality of one of their products.
  3. I don't have this model but I would definitely tell her so she can check on it for you....that shouldn't be happening--maybe she can replace it? It's only a few weeks old.
  4. Tropicalgal, I had the same problem with my TMA about 5 or 6 weeks in and contacted Jackie. Apparently, there was a batch of lining that they used that happened to be untreated. I sent it back to her and she was able to replace the silk lining with a much tougher treated version (you can literally feel that its more resilient) and have not had problems since. Suggest you contact her immediately...
  5. Thanks for sharing this info with me. I have just pm'ed you. Where did yours fray? You live in U.K., so this is much easier for you to deal with.
  6. Ladies -- I've decided to send the bag back for repair. This just isn't right. The Stroke Me is an elegant, but very minimal bag -- and to have the lining frayed at the four not right. Not at this price -- or any price for that matter. bag will disappear into Mexican mail hell -- and maybe, in six months or so...I'll see my Choco Stroke Me again. Good thing I have a Love Me to keep me company. Thanks tigger for your support.
  7. Jackie will understand. You are a loyal customer and I'm sure she'll help you out. Good luck with Mexican mail!
  8. It will be hard to wait but I think you'll be glad you did it.
  9. TropicalGal ~ how did your return turn out?
  10. Think she's collecting it this week from her brother in Europe!
  11. I have not had any problems but my SM's have the older cotton lining, not the newer satin lining. I've also heard of a few problems with the linings in some of the recent bags. I'm so sorry this has happened to you, but I'm sure Jackie will agree to have it fixed. The only bummer would be sending it back and then the wait for when it returns. Can you post a photo of the problem area?
  12. Tropicalgal, welcome back from your trip. I'm sorry to hear about your bag. I know Jackie will make it right. She has bent over backwards to help us all out with special requests, and when I had the rubbed corners she really appreciated hearing about it.
  13. Wouldn't it just be easier for her to send you a new bag with the better lining?
  14. Hi Ladies!!! Greetings from Zurich, where I did indeed pick up my repaired choco Stroke Me. Repaired for the frayed lining. However, to tell the truth, I really can't tell if they repaired it...or just sent a new one. They didn't patch it...and so I don't quite understand how they would repair it without ripping out the entire lining and relining it. Anyway, I have a perfect bag now. Thanks ever so much for caring! I also picked up my Tan Hold Me -- and it is one fabulous bag. It is good for my tropical lifestyle, where I'm in and out of a car, so I don't need a shoulder strap, however, the bag does fit over my shoulder (wearing t shirts and light sweaters). Very minimal and cool -- just throw in my knitting and a book -- and it is a very casual looking bag, but totally reminiscent of the Hermes Picotin. I'm telling you, this is truly a BE bargain. I also received my Pewter Crash Angel Purse. Was surprised at the weight of the purse and the size of the zipper: ginormous! for such a tiny bag. But I love it -- it gives a hefty elegance. It is a little purse with great presence. I shall also post this on the lounge for all to read. Cheers and Happy Easter!