frayed carly?

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  1. Lol fields - great minds think alike. :yes:

    I believe it is a letter stating the credit you are offered - it is not a check, store credit only.
  2. Yes it was for store purchases.. it is a letter, not a gift card and can be used at the outlets as well. :tup:
  3. I just noticed today that one of the corners on my carly is fraying a little bit....the rest look perfect. For those that have had this problem, was it just one corner, one side, or all four corners?
  4. Just one corner...I always carry my purse the same way, it is the corner that sits in the front and on my side.:sad:

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  5. I had a similar problem with my carly bag. I had her for about 6 months when I noticed at the top of the bag, 2 little holes. Wasn't really holes but it looked likeit from the kahki threads fraying. I had gotten it from Macys. When I called my coach store, they told me to either send it to coach for "repair" or talk to macys and have them send it in for me. My macys doesn't do repairs. When I spoke to my SA at Macys, she checked with the managers and they gave me a credit to exchange the bag with anything I wanted. I got the same bag. I'm more aware of this problem so I try and be extra careful now. So far, so good. I had her for 2 months and no fraying.
  6. I have last years signature stripe tote and the same thing happened to the corners...would I get credit for this as well do you think? Thanks!
  7. Thats great to hear! I'm so happy my Carly is going to get replaced or repaired if the corners start fraying!
  8. Yes their warranty is on all Coach bags, so I am sure they would repair or replace it. :yes:

  9. I had one too and they replaced it for me. I'm gonna try to take my carly in tomorrow and see what they say.
  10. Well I can finally relate to this thread. My brand new Turquoise Carly I only purchased April 10th, the front bottom corner is starting to fray ALREADY. I wear her on my right shoulder an dit's the corner that presses up against my hip. I'm a bit devistated. I haven't even had her a week and I'm so ginger with her and ALREADY fraying? The fray is small but it's all I see now. How bad does the fray have to be before I can send it in? Also I bought it at Macy's. I still have the receipt but how do they give you store credit without giving your credit card?

  11. Oh no! :wtf: I can also relate, a few days ago I noticed my large Khaki/Black Carly is starting to also fray a little bit on the bottom corner.. it's not too bad yet, but still very frustrating :hysteric: I love this bag!!! If I were you Candy I would take it back to Macy's because you have had it such a short time I would just get another one or get your money back instead of waiting a month to have Coach do it for you. :yes:
  12. Okay, so I took everyone's advise and sent my Carly in for repair. The fraying wasnt that noticeable to my friends/fam but it really bothered me. I called CS at Coach and they waived the $20 fee. I had to pay to ship the bag to Jax (make sure u get tracking & insurance if u have to mail if urself) since I dont have a store close. I know they received it by the tracking number so now we play the waiting game I guess...they dont make the medium brass/khaki/saddle anymore so Im really upset about all this. I love love love the Carly but not sure if I should get another and have to go through all of this again in another 6 months...any thoughts?
  13. Yeah I guess I could return her, but auuuugh, I just got her and she's the pretty turquoise I wanted. =(
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