frayed carly?

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  1. i read a lot about this on here. can someone pls post pics so i no what to look 4? tia
  2. I am having trouble with the 4 pointy corners of Carly wearing out...the fabric actually wears away...:sad:...:tdown:

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  3. I know there are a lot on ebay usually, I will try and see if I can get one for you. :yes:
  4. thanks so much! so i guess it almost looks like wholes...

  5. You bet. ;) Yeah, it literally frays or tears the top and sometimes the bottom.. it does seem to happen to a lot, but considering how many Carly's are sold it doesn't happen to a ton.. and the important thing is Coach will stand behind it and replace it for you with a full refund IF it were to happen. I have a large Carly in Khaki/Black and I adore her. :love:
  6. i bought my black sig in nov and it still seems ok. do i still need to b worried?
  7. i m just worried bc i bought it at a canadian dept store so i doubt coach would repare
  8. OMG! I am so glad I found this because my beloved Carly is fraying as well. I purchased her on a trip to Vegas last May. Shes been carried for three months total if that and Ive noticed the fraying on the top:sad: I am devastated literally! Shes my fav and I dont have a Coach in my province or even within driving distance. Anyone send back their bag for repairs & how did it end up? It has to go to Jacksonville, FL and Im nervous about it...HELP!
  9. phanta, that sucks! i would call coach and ask them what intl customers can do. pls let us know and good luck!
  10. It doesn't matter where you buy it - as long as it is authentic and has no FS or ES stamp on the creed it is under Coach's guarantee. :tup:
  11. No problem :okay:

    Coach will repair it.. the only time they won't is if it was a Final Sale or Marked as an Employee Sale (FS or ES stamped on creed) :yes:

    I had Carly I bought used that had fraying (wasn't disclosed at the time of purcahse) I took it into the Coach store, they waived teh $20 fee, sent it to JAX and in about 4 weeks I got a letter saying they could not fix it but gave me the credit for the full price of the bag plus tax. :tup:
  12. looks like greenpixie and I were posting at the same time. ;)
  13. Now when u say "credit", Fields, is it for store purchases only or was it a check of some sort?
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