Fraxel Laser Treatment

Jan 4, 2006
I just had my first session yesterday so if anyone has some questions about it, feel free to ask, I will try to post pics so that you can see the progression.


Apr 9, 2006
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pisdapisda79So, how did you like your Fraxel laser treatment? I just had a treatment done, and I look better already.:tup: The newest Fraxel laser (Fraxel 2) is the latest answer if you want fresher skin, smaller pores, fine lines reduced and scars minimized. (And no down time or harsh surgery.) It's not cheap though-$1,000 bucks a treatment-but I'm opting for this rather than handbags at the moment.;)

I had numbing cream put on and waited about an hour. It felt like rubber bands snapping, and 8 passes were done over the entire face. Then cold towels. I feel like I've had a bit of a sunburn, and I'm a little puffy-but nothing severe. Can resume activities right away.

The fraxel laser penetrates deep within the skin, diminishing the damaged cells but sparing the healthy ones. The skin heals from within making new healthy tissue replacing old damaged skin -like scars and fine lines.

Great technology! I will do one other treatment 4 weeks from now, and hopefully that'll be enough. Some clients might need 3-5 treatments, I'm told-we'll see!

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Nov 13, 2006
DH & I am thinking about doing Fraxel.
My plastic surgeon said the 2 geatest advances to fight aging has been Fraxel & botox.
If anyone is comfortable psoting pics, I'd love to see them.


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Mar 8, 2007
I'm very interested as well. I've always had large pores, and would love to get them smaller somehow. It sees like Fraxel might do it. Please (if you don't mind) share more about why you did it, the results you wanted, and what you're actually seeing. Thanks a bunch.


Apr 9, 2006
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I have oily skin, large pores, mild scarring and fine lines. Also sun damage. I am on day three after my first treatment and my skin feels tight, a little "sunburned" and a few pin prick droplets of blood here and there. I checked in and was told this is actually good-meant the laser went down to the deeper layers. My skin is slightly puffy too-but I certainly have gone out and no one notices. You can put makeup on right away, and I've put on a little mineral powder and a hat. The fine lines and scars (which were not real deep scars) and large pores are disappearing, but time will tell because I'm a little puffy, and it might be deceiving. Stay tuned, I'll report back in a few days!


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Jan 4, 2007
I've had four fraxel treatments done to my face (3 regular treatments and a 6 month follow-up treatment). The procedure is not very painful, but can feel like a bad sunburn for a few hours. I have very sensitive skin and I tend to have a few breakouts about two days following the treatment due to clogged pores. I have opted out of the numbing cream to minimize the change for breakouts.

After the treatment by skin is a bit puffy and slightly blotchy. After a few days, the texture of the skin and feel a bit course from where the laser punctures the skin (basically, the skin has a barely noticeable grid pattern).

I was hoping that the fraxel would reduce some dark spots. Though the treatment has helped, much like IPL, I still have dark patches of skins - but these are minimized. However, the tone and texture of my skin has greatly improved. I have reduced wrinkles (not that I had very many before), my pore size shrank noticeably, and the tone and texture is better than it's been since my pre-teen years.

The biggest drawback is the cost, but it works well and doesn't have much downtime. I wouldn't recommend going right back to work just because of the slightly discomfort and the high probability that you'll be a bit red. However, I've never had a problem going out in public the next day.

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Nov 11, 2006
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Great thread!! I'm doing a series of microdermabrasion (did 4 one week apart and my fifth is this week) and was thinking of doing fraxel as well after these treatments are done.

Did you have any other types of treatments prior to starting fraxel? Would you recommend it? TIA.


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Feb 1, 2011
Hey. I did a fraxel laser a month ago because i have some acne scars and i have some doubts. The doctor recommended me 2 creams. She said i had to use one (Suppletive from Dermagor) and Hyseac from Uriage. In the second weak when i started using them, when i applied it would dry really fast and if i scrapped my face skin would come along with cream (i guess it was skin!). The thing is, its the 5th week and still when using cream skin tends to fall and my skin is super dry. Is this normal ? Is the fraxel supposed to let this much skin fall so that new skin will "fill" the scar places? Thank you


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May 14, 2006
Bumping this. Has anyone used it for dark spots (African American skin)?