Fraudulent scammer alert: winchestervict and iluvjuciecouture13

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    Omg!! He lives in the same town as me! What's his addy? I'll kick his booty for you all!! :p lol jk. But really I'm sorry this nightmare of a person is happening and thank you for posting this warning OP!!
  2. PM me and I'll send it to you :smile:

    ETA: It's been posted by someone else in the other thread...he still lives at the same address last I knew.
  3. Sorry to here this i hope paypl finally gets the sh@t together this time.....
  4. I am sorry to read about this although I know you were waiting for it to happen. I have read about this disgusting scammer before so I know about him filing charge backs etc. Keep reporting him and unless you have already done it report him to the IC3.

    I am happy you didn´t go off ebay. They count on that and things will get easier for them if you do. I am not sure what would have happened in my case had I sold ON ebay but I guess having both ebay and PP behind you cannot hurt. (hahahaha).

    Good luck!
  5. Thank you. Yes, I've been waiting for it, ever since I found out what a scum bag this guy was. I knew it was coming, and just kept waiting for the day. It still doesn't make it any easier the day you sign into RED negative balance on your account, though!

    I plan to keep up my vigilance against this fraudster, to not only help myself but to help others from being scammed by him. I'm going to keep in contact with the police, and will also file everywhere I can. I also know how to file a case in small claims court and win (having done so before), so that is also an option I have available as well. I have every email this idiot every sent, off and on ebay, and I know how to use a printer :smile: unlike one of his fake IDs. :smile:

    Honest can prevail, and the squeaky wheel gets things done, and I plan to squeak as often and as much as I can.
  6. Op check out the thread called Paypal nightmare!! Help!!
    This forum member also got scammed by this person and I believe she is
    going after him! So sorry this happened to you too.
  7. Yes, I have emailed back and forth with her, and I have responded on that thread many times; that's how I found out that he was such a scammer initially. This forum really is invaluable for providing information on how to fight these fools, and to let them be known as well. Thank you!
  8. Isn't it amazing that ebay hasn't naru'd him??....

    The guy & his scams are disgusting
  9. This guy really makes me sick. The fact that he's continued to pull these scams for so many years absolutely amazes me. eBay and PayPal have certainly not bothered to investigate him. How many times can a person initiate a charge back on their credit card before the credit card company starts to get suspicious? Or do they really care as long as they're not the ones losing money? I hope this scumbag finally gets what he deserves - prison time!
  10. Oh, I have tried many times to get his known IDs kicked off eBay; best I've managed is suspensions. I'm really hoping that perhaps with the current police investigation, something might happen. Here's hoping.
  11. I totally feel the same way. Wouldn't his credit card company wonder how he could have so many "identity thefts" within a time period? I'd think his credit card company would start investigating him sooner or later...hopefully sooner. This is rampant fraud, and he's doing it to people and companies.

    eBay has investigated him and Paypal is now doing the same.
  12. Am surprised that with all this activity , his cc haven't denied his card for purchases

    But guys like this have a zillion ways of getting cards in a zillion different