Fraudulent Listings On Ebay

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  1. There is a Buy It Now scam going on at Ebay, and so far this weekend Louis Vuitton and Chanel have been the main targets. I've posted more about it at the Ebay forum here:

    The scammers are listing auctions using stolen Ebay accounts and photos, offering ridiculously low prices on designer bags. This is the same scam that we saw all last summer and that made Ebay almost unuseable. If ANYONE spots these, please report them to Ebay, the links are in my other post. And please make sure that inexperiencd Chanel buyers don't get robbed by these crooks.
  2. thanks for the heads up. I just started looking at ebay last night for the first time in it will be a few more.
  3. I had some Chanel cambon pics stolen and they were used in another auction with a low BIN. I immediately reported it to ebay, but by the time ebay got back to me (about 3 days time), someone had already done a BIN. I have no idea what piece of junk they received.
  4. Molly were your pictures watermarked?
  5. thank's for posting:smile:
  6. No Mon they weren't, which is my fault. I will start from now on.....soon as I figure it out:s
  7. Yes, I need to read up on how to watermark my images in the future as well. I certainly don't want to help make it easy for these dirt bags....:tdown:
  8. ooops, already posted in the eBay Forum ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.