Fraud warning, second chance offers again

  1. I received some bogus email from This person offered me a second chance offer on a recently bid on item that I did not win from eBay.

    "hello I am the eBay seller of the item that you recently tried to buy it by bidding trough the eBay sistem. I want to issue a second chance offer to you because the wining bidder was unable to purchase the item.The winner of my auction didn't pay for the item and eBay advised me to use Second Chance Offer to sell my product.I hope you are serious buyer and we can make a clear deal.If you are still interested in making a secure deal via eBay's safest transaction,if you want to purchase the item email back so we can make the deal asap. Best Regards"

    Funny thing is that I haven't bid on anything that I have not won....I reported it to eBay.