Fraud Email From Ebay Member

  1. BE AWARE- this person is a scammer!!!

    1. I did not even sell them a Dooney and Bourke purse
    2. I was very clear in the listing it was just for a plan black purse and wallet- no names attached.
    3. They paid for it, I shipped it, feedback was left

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]hi, i sent in the dooney and bourke purse i purchased from you. i sent it to the repair department. i just received a letter stating the purse "is a counterfeit Dooney & Bourke, made of inferior materials and bearing illegally copied trademarks". the letter also states that i should "return the item to the shop where (i) purchased it and demand a refund". that is what i am here to do. if you refuse, i "might wish to make a consumer fraud complaint to your state's attorney generals office". i hope that this does not create a problem as i don't really want to go to eBay with the letter and give you negative feedback. the admin asst. is carolyn p. donohue in the anticounterfeiting department. i cannot send you back the purse as the company is refusing to send it back to me. thank you for your timely manner in getting the refund - purchase price, shipping and handling and the money i spent to send it to the repair department $8.75 for a delivery confirmation.
    thanks again

  2. .... weird.... what was the name??
  3. They just sent me a message saying it was sent to me by mistake! LOL I am so relieved! I was all prepared for a scammer lol.
  4. still it's they got your eBay account? sounds like some kind of scam in the first place...did you sent the message you got to eBay? they might be trying to scam someone else....
  5. It totally sounds like a scam letter!!! Omg...please report this person!
  6. Please forward the message to eBay, it sounds like a scam intended for someone gullible. Just awful.
  7. It's not a scam, OP said that this buyer had bought from them but accidentally sent them that e-mail.....just an error on the buyers part
  8. Ok so I did report them BEFORE I knew it was by mistake- and now how do I un-report them?
  9. TBH I doubt eBay would even bother to do anything or respond, maybe just send them a follow up e-mail explaining that the buyer has confirmed they made an error
  10. I just thought the buyer also bought a Dooney on ebay and mixed up the sellers when he/she sent that message. Glad it worked out!
  11. I remember I once got a message from a seller saying that the package had shipped...she emailed the wrong person. I had asked her a question about the item, but did not bid. There are scammers, but sometimes people just make mistakes.
  12. I guess it was just a mistake, but it still sounds strange to me...
  13. That letter is so weird. To polite for having received a "fake bag". Who wouldn't leave negative feedback after reeciving a fake!
  14. I was going to say it had to be a mistake