Fraublucher's (Vera's) birth story!

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  1. So gals, back I am with a new addiction to the family! As some of you ladies might now, because I had some private conversations about this, I was willing to go for a natural birth, possibly in water. Until the 38th week I satisfied all the tight requirements the local hospital's wing for natural births sets out: my blood tests were brilliant, I had not gained too much weight (8kgs - 17 lbs at the end of my pregnancy), and everything else was running so smoothly that I worked literally until the last minute: the 2nd of November was my last teching day at the university with an EDD set out for the 14th of November.

    Then everything changed: the last blood tests were a disaster: my liver functions seemed getting slower and slower, so much that a second medical advice was asked and the answer was everything but good: I had to deliver before the EDD because my baby's health was in danger. So I was out of the natural birth program, with a fetal monitoring scheduled for the 7th of November. This test was even worse than the blood sample: my placenta looked "old" for being in the 39th week, plus I was developing a severe case of oligohydramnios - too little amniotic fluid.

    Long story short, I entered the hospital on the 8th of November, and at 9 am of the 9th of November I was induced with an application of prostaglandin gel on the cervix. At the time of the treatment i was alone, as my husband was supposed to come only during the visiting hour at 12.30. I asked if I could call my husband but I was told that this was not possible because DHs can be present only in the "active phase" of the labour, not before. Anyway, I had to lay in bed and I was tied to a fetal monitor. Soon enough the contractions begun, and believe me, there was no graduality in them! They arrived very quickly, out of the blue, and were nothing like the ones described during the courses I had taken in preparation to the birth. There were no pauses between one contraction and the other, they came continuously and stronger and stronger. At 10.30 I called my DH because I could not bear the pain anymore - and believe me, I can stand *a lot* of pain, but not laying in the bed on my back - and told him to do whatever necessary to get to me because I could not do this by myself. He arrived an hour later when I was literally out of my mind moaning and shivering, and all this while I was in a hospital room with other 4 ladies with all their relatives visiting them (so awkward!). Anyway, after DH arrived I felt a little reassured, althoug the pain was still unbearable. At 12.30 the doctor came and asked how I felt. I told her that I felt terrible, and the only progress I had noted so far was that I felt just a little moist "down there". She checked my panties and there was the tiniest spot of blood, so that she decided to check my cervix. While she was examining me she asked if I felt the urge to push, and I answered that no, I didn't - but just while I was saying this I felt something changing in my body and - voila - there it was, the urge to push! The doctor was actually very surprised to find me totally dilated, and freaked out because the baby's head was already on it's way down!

    So she rang the emergency bell and told me not to push. The room filled with nurses, they put me on a wheelchair and started to roll me to the delivery room literally running! It was the beginning of the visitors' hour so the corridors were full of people, and the nurses kept yelling them to move out of the way because I was going to deliver the baby right there on the wheelchair if they did not let me pass! During all this time I felt the urge to push, and it was terrible to keep back this urge.

    Arriving to the delivery room, I was moved to a delivery bed. My DH was next to me, holding my hand, and there was a roomful of people around me, two nurses keeping my knees, others in front of me handling my "lower areas", one putting me on infusion, another testing my blood pressure... then came an obstetrician who began to guide me through the last part of the birth process. She told me when to push and how (I could keep myself in two handles on the sides of the bed). I yelled like an animal - with great satisfaction, I have to say - and just when I thought I was almost there, the OB told me to stop pushing.

    The baby's head was already visible, but the widest part had yet to come out. She told me not to push, to wait to avoid tearings, because she did not want to perform an episiotomy on me. So while I was holding myself back, she kept putting some kind of lubricant around the baby's head, and in a few minutes, with a small -pop!-, the baby's head came out by itself. The OB turned the head upwards, and guess what? The baby started to cry even if all her body was still inside me!

    The OB then proceeded to move the rest of the body out, and after that they bundled her into a sheet and put her on my chest. A beautiful little girl with a lot of hair!!
    She was taken away for a few minutes for some health checks and then was brought back to me and DH for a couple of hours and we were left alone. Those two hours have been the happiest of my whole life, looking at all the small details of our beautiful, perfect little princess.

    So little Eva was born on the 9th of november at 1pm, weighing 3300 grams - 7.2 lbs and 48 cm - 1.57 ft long. She is perfect, born with no problems whatsoever, and I could not be happier of the outcome of my delivery story. One thing only is making my life difficult these days: my nipples!! The little she-devil is so avid that she is literally destroying my nipples! Anyway, we are working on this issue, learning both the right "techniques" for breastfeeding :wtf:
  2. Congratulations to you and lil Eva...this story brought tears to my eyes!
  3. CONGRATS!!!!!! :yahoo:

    You sound so happy! and I'm so glad that everything worked out! :heart:
  4. ohh wow. This is a great history, I cant believe I just read the whole post. SO exciting, I feel like I was watching a movie or one of those episodes of ER or Discovery health. I am so happy everything went right, i know you had everything planned and last minute changes suck but you are a LUCKY gal, only a couple of hours on labor!! yay, about the nipples, try applying some vaseline on them when you are not breastfeeding your little princess and just wash it off before you feed her. This helped me a lot, I was literally bledding everything I fed her. I was told Babies's saliva is very strong and your nipples need to be moisturized. Good luck. Congragulations.

    BTW she is so beautiful!! I love the picture.
  5. Congratulations to you and your family and thank you for sharing the story. She is beautiful!
  6. I'm so glad that you two are both doing well! I had asked about you here and on the Bal board, but didn't want to bother you while you were out with your daughter. It sounds like a bit of a rough & scary start, so I'm very happy that you came of it well and your precious little Eva is doing well!!
  7. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!:heart: And you deserve a medal for going all natural, because I definitely couldn't do it.:tup:

    It's great to hear all things are going well.
  8. Congratulations, such a wonderful story :heart: Your little princess is perfectly beautiful:girlsigh:

    Try to get hold of some Lansinoh cream, it worked for me... and by 3 weeks I think I'd got the hang of it and have had no pain since!

    (My little girl is 5 months and had loads of hair too!)
  9. You're right, I was lucky! The doctors' comment was that I was literally born to have babies! I guess having a huge a*s can be and advantage in this case: babies slip out more easily!
    Jokes apart, the ob/gyn said that induction worked particularly well because probably I was ready to give birth by myself.

    Oh, and on a side note: I had quite some amniotic fluid and the placenta was in perfect condition when it came out: this means that the previous scans had been frightening for nothing. And probably all my liver problems were caused by Eva's feet pushing on my liver, nothing more...
  10. congratulations! eva is a beauty.
  11. Congratulations! and thank you for sharing your story. Since this is my first pregnancy, reading other ppl's experiences somehow helps my nerves.
  12. Congratulations- she is gorgeous!!!!
  13. I am SO proud of you..see even in those circumstances your body and hers knew the way..oh the POWER of so pleased, I had a good feeling, next time in the water for sure!..on a personal note..last night I 'caught' my youngest daughter's second baby, born here in the woods in the Birthing tub, just her partner, sisters and I there with Isabella (Izzy)came in only 6 to these two wee future Bbag addicts a warm welcome to this are AMAZING Frau!:dothewave:
  14. congratulation to you and your husband on your beautiful Eva! just had to come over here and read about your great delivery story. so happy you had a smooth delivery and that you and Eva is healthy and well.

    love her gorgeous hair. first baby i have seen so far with full set of hair:love:. alright! see you in the b-bag forum.
  15. Oh Vera! What a lovely, happy ending!!!! Like Robotodoll, I, too had to come over and read your birthing story.

    Eva is absolutely GORGEOUS!! She made my ovaries twitch for just a sec...LOL!!! I'm so very, very happy for you and your DH and beautiful, perfect little Eva. She's a very lucky little girl. Warmest congratulations....enjoy every single second with her.