Fraternal Twin Boys

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  1. I already had the bronze cracked metallic old medium Boy with matching zip wallet. When I saw the silver one became available, as well as a matching zip wallet!!, I purchased it too!!! Kind of worried that they are too similar, but it is such a beautiful bag I could not resist getting both colors. It is a bit difficult to show the color difference in photos, but hopefully you can see. I always feel guilty when I spend money on a bag, because I do it much more frequently than I should. And in this case they are quite similar. Your opinions are welcome.
    78E37B4A-05A6-4180-AD26-0630EBB5A0B9.jpeg D06066D9-53C2-4959-ACFD-097BE0113389.jpeg 7C23C923-B8FD-451F-B2C6-E86F11CC26A2.jpeg
  2. They are lovely...
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  3. I totally get what you say about Guilty feelings on spending several Chanels & luxury brand bags, same
    Ok if this helps ;) To be honest I like your original bronze better from pic. somehow silver looks flatter quilts and not stands out like bronze?
  4. Yes, I agree, the silver is flatter quilts. And I already have a black chevron Boy as well. What can I say: I am an addict haha. Now I have a bit of time to decide whether to keep it or return. I have bought too many bags this year!

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  5. Both beautiful! I too am on the guilt trip wagon for my somewhat out of control Chanel purchases- of late- and in short space of time. Here is what I have been doing when deciding...even though a Chanel bag goes with everything! I need to have a starting point for deciding. I look at my outfits and really work out if one of the bags (Chanel) i already have could be worn with that outfit? Is there a colour missing that could works on a few outfits that I already have?? Maybe this will help you to decide? We all need little tricks to help us justify the purchase! Good luck on your decision!
  6. Good luck deciding. I actually prefer your bronze and think they are maybe too close to justify. But if you love both it is of course up to you!
  7. Beautiful bags indeed and agree they are very similar. I would personally keep the original one.
  8. I tink both are beautiful and look different enough that you can keep both. Lol, I'm a horrible enabler.
  9. Ah, thank you, ak3. Just what I need!!:flowers:

  10. I am definitely not getting rid of the original gold/bronze!! Ever!! Haha. I love it so much that I was on the lookout for the silver/grey/black version, and I found it!

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  11. I do love both. But I love a LOT of bags!!
    I love too many bags and am doing my best to pare down, but I seem to buy new ones faster than I sell the old ones.

  12. I'm the same way. Ack! There are just so many beautiful bags! :smile:
  13. My fraternal twin stingray boy bags... the silver just came today one of the last exotics

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  14. Both are gorgeous!! The colors are different enough that I think you are justified in owning both of them :heart:
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