Franky or Francis?

  1. Help me choose which one to purchase. I love them both?
    Please also give me a reason.
  2. I vote Franky.

    I am not a fan of patent leather, one reason is it won't be as tough as the plain old leather and the other reason is I wore way too many black patent leather mary-janes growing up Catholic, never want to deal with it again. Never.
  3. Have you heard or seen these bags?:graucho:. it's by Boyy.

  4. Francis -
    I like the two tone....makes the bag more interesting...but hey - it's all about personal taste. I really do like the shape of the bag....have you seen it IRL? If so, I assume that the bottom is structured and doesn't slouch?
    Good luck

    PS - oh, just realized that Francis is all patent.....well....hmmm....not sure now
  5. franky
  6. I vote Franky. You can't go wrong with natural leather. I think you will find it is more classic and you will be able to use it for years to come thus justifying the purchase:p. I think that patent is a fleeting trend.