Franklin in an ice storm with his Burberry

  1. Last weekend an ice storm hit us and we're now under about 2 feet of ice. In these pictures it may look like snow, but it's actually packed hard slippery ice.

    Here's my sweetie basset hound Franklin :love: in his Burberry sweater having fun sliding around on the ice:


    With my DH who needs a shave

    Dogs love chewing on ice!

    The long road ahead

    This is about the only fun with ice other than sledding :wlae:
  2. Franklin is so cute and he looks great in his sweater. He sure looks like he's having lots of fun.

    I love basset hounds. We had one when I was little and I would love to have one again.
  3. awwwh he's such a little cutie! and looks very handsome in his sweater! It suits him perfectly.
  4. Oh, Franklin, you are adorable and your taste in sweaters is exquisite!
  5. He looks very distinguished in his Burberry sweater! That icy weather is a challenge-so dangerous.
  6. Those are the best pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. I think all us animal lovers really enjoy pictures like these.
  7. Awww!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's SOOOO adorable, Franklin is licking the snow in the first pic, tooo cute!

    Thanks so much for sharing! I cant wait to bring my dog to the snow and see how he reacts!
  8. Franklin is sooo handsome in his Burberry, quite dignified!
  9. Absolutely adorable!!!! The Burberry is so cute on Franklin! What a cutie-pie!
  10. ...:roflmfao: Franklin looks fantastic... I don't have a pic from my dog wearing his coat, but I he looks definitly more unhappy with it than Franklin...
  11. Aww ... the sweater is so cute on Franklin!
  12. Awwwh thanks guys! You've warmed me up here when it's way too cold! :biggrin: I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's pets so it's fun to show mine in exchange :biggrin:
  13. Franklin sure is a cutie! Thanks so much for sharing his pics....sweet!
  14. OMG How adorable!!! I LOVE that sweater!
  15. that's so cute. he looks so distinguished :smile: