Frankie B sizing?

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  1. If I wear 27 in Joes Jeans, would I need 27/8/9 in Frankie B? TIA
  2. I had a pair in sz 10 in Frankies when I was a 29 in True Religion. I am down to a 28 in true religions now and the sz 10 frankies are a little loose but I can still wear them.

    The problem part for me is the thighs. If you have slim thighs and you are a 27 in reg jeans then I'd guess a 6? maybe 8. Frankie B are REALLY low rise though.
  3. Frankie B sizing varies depending on the cut, (slim, bootcut, pencil). But def. one size up from Joe's. Its also very tight in the upper thigh area, so I'd be prepared for that. I have rather thick thighs and sometimes I have to go up 2 sizes for their slim cuts.
  4. idk i used to be an 8, now a 6 but they changed their sizing to 24, 25, 26, etc. annoying! esp bc i buy mine online! i have no clue and they have a sale now on hautelook. damn.
  5. Their sizes have changed so much over the years. I'm also a 27 for Joe's, and used to wear 6/8 in Frankie B... but it has changed.