Frankie B sizing? Does it run small?

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  1. I was thinking about buying some jean skirts and jeans off from hautelook but confused about sizing. I'm very petite and wear a size 24 (denim skirt) for Lucky's Brands. Not sure if I'm a 24 or 25 at Frankie B. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!:nuts:
  2. I've found that Frankie B jeans are true to size but the pairs I have tried have always been waaaay too low rise.
  3. I was thinking of ordering some skirts online and if it's way low rise, then I'm thinking going smaller?
  4. Franke B runs small. I have 20+ pairs of their jeans and I love them all. They're so comfortable and sit perfectly on your hips.

    I'm not sure about skirts.......
    But for the jeans (and maybe all their other pieces) I've heard from others that if you are larger in the bum region then size up. If you have narrow hips, size down.
  5. I have found that Frankie B runs small, too. Not crazily so, but it does (imo - I own about 5 pairs of denim). They fit my figure very well, though, so I don't mind. :smile:
  6. i always get a size up because they are SO low rise.
  7. I think Frankie B runs true to size. I'm a 24 in just about every other denim brand and Frakie B in a 24 fits me perfectly.
  8. hi.. I just found out about this brand from Wendy's blog and want to try some, my waist is 25" hips 34", usually I am size 25 in Levi's.. please suggest me the best size I should get, thank you :smile: