Frankie B jeans?

  1. Has anyone ever tried Frankie B jeans? They seem to fit so well, but I don't see them at Nordstroms, only in smaller boutiques.
  2. i love frankie Bs! revolve clothing has a lot of them. I usually try them on at planet funk and then head over to ebay or revolve (when there is a coupon).
  3. What are Frankie B's like? What makes them different? They were all over the place late last year/early this year at my high school, but I haven't seen them since. Is it just more of a brand for juniors (I graduated from high school in June)? Thanks!
  4. I wish i could afford frankie Bs in HS, lol. I like them because they are the lowest rise jeans (3" zippers) and fit smaller (a lot of jeans seems to be fitting big lately). They make anyone have long legs and look so skinny!
  5. their styles are so nice! but the sizing can be confusing... i keep jumping from 4 to 6 depending on the style...

    it's not that common seeing frankies here in Canada, but when i do see someone wearing them they're usually under the age of 26
  6. I love Frankie B's!

    But I agree with apple_23, you really have to try on each pair you like because the style is sooo different.