Frankenstein's back!

  1. it makes you wonder what that poor bag went through... i'm pretty sure the bad didn't just decide to say, "i'm gonna be trendy and just be a one strapped bag." *lol*
  2. Will somebody please buy this poor bag and put it out of it's misery already? It is very sad.:sad:
  3. LOL I read that and started laughing!!! My husband was like what are you laughing about!!! Poor thing just needs to be put out of his misery!!
  4. It needs a proper burial, in a consecrated tokidoki burial ground.

    I can picture us all wearing black at the funeral to mourn it.
  5. LOL.. I gather this bag has seen eBay more than a few times?!
    Poor thing! What's up with the numbers printed on the lining?
  6. This is it's second round...I found it a while back, and thought it was the saddest, silliest auction ever.

    "It's in perfect condition! It's just missing a strap...and a zipper pull...and has numbers in it. But otherwise it's great!" Who would buy that???

    (The answer is one)
  7. maybe it's a holocost survivor? (Probably a bad joke...but, meh)
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. It's a bad joke, but I still giggled...:shame:
  10. hmmmmmm until he sells it?
  11. If it gets relisted at $10 I'm going to buy it and fly it over the ocean and give it aa burial at sea.
  12. if it got relisted at $10, i'd buy it and make a shirt out of the inside print!! it'd make a cute patch design for a pair of jeans too. or a coin purse (those were so easy to make in home ec!)... the list goes on!
  13. yeah i was thinking doing that too.. make something out of it :biggrin: about making it FREE!:graucho:
  14. Ha, that sounds better than the scarf or head scarf? It should be a FREE giveaway...